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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, June 24


I haven't written in a long time...not sure how this will work...but I miss "blogging" if that's what they call it anymore LOL...  Hell, the last time I "blogged" we didn't even say LOL...

Trump vs. Biden...what do you think?  I've had the pleasure or displeasure of being in front of both at least once...met the other, or have been in the room more than once...let's say.

I'm heavily involved in politics in my local community (my county of 420,000 +) people.  I grew up in a town of about 4,200 + people in West Texas.  Used to be a totally RED place, now not so sure.

I see the election this way.  Do YOU want a man that ALREADY spent over 40 years in Washington DC to lead your great America and lead you down that path of righteous indignation to the halls of freedom and praise you as we the people?  Do You want that man to lead you to the halls in your own home to the freedom you have come to know?  I suppose you would...

Would you want Mr. Joe Biden to ride that subway and lead with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Most of you would!  They are GREAT aren't they?  All your dreams are coming true.

Well, while all you Hollywood types are living the dream, the rest of us are living the REAL dream.  WE THE PEOPLE are the employers.  WE give you the jobs.  YOU...ALL OF YOU are the workers, and TOGETHER we make the impossible dream. Think about that in your vote this election.  VOTE TRUMP


Let me know if you read this... 

Wednesday, October 2

At Which Point?

At which point does the natural over-achiever become the one justifying underachievement? At which point does the functional and successful individual become the "driven down" or the accommodating?

Why is it - that when these individuals realize the infractions of life - when they used to fight them with whole heart - begin to accept them and find a way to be OK with whatever decisions they make - for the ONLY reason that "it just makes life easier", or WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?

Why do the rest of us - or even those walking amongst them/us - keep quiet? What makes the most successful among us, the rich and powerful, any different than the poorest amongst us all? AT SOME POINT - THEY ALL FOLDED - THAT'S WHY~

INDOCTRINATION is what causes this. Our "folks in the know" up in Washington tell us anymore what we are to believe - causes indoctrination. Increasing Government intervention, and laws and regulations to follow cause us to be tired and restless with our lacks of freedom over decades - one little "ism" at a time. Truth is - we allow ourselves to be indoctrinated. Decades of "no consequences" causes this. I think it began with the first people that failed of their own doing. Discipline used to be the norm - when un-disciplined folk had the money to, were allowed to, or just chose to...began the rule of NO RULE.

It's a catch 22 of sorts. TOO MUCH accountability, and folks began to feel abused. It started wih one or two - grew into thousands - and then THOSE who were ACTUALLY accountable - lost sight of THAT DISCIPLINE due to "fear of rejection" bogus lawsuits, or lack of mony and /or interest.

The MAIN reason for indocrination is fatigue.

Thursday, August 8

I Want To Re-Claim My Own Blog

I'm ready to start writing again... I must re-claim my own blog and try to figure out how to get all the pictures and posts back :)

Wednesday, December 7

Pearl Harbor

Let's NOT FORGET our 9/11 of Pearl Harbor - December 7th - those of us older ALL were taught of it - WE REMEMBER! I'm using this post as mine; as I respect these folks for their notably correct facts...and don't have time to write so much here these days...I will get back to it after the new year at some point - I miss it.

Let's remember our GREAT STATE of Hawaii on this day!

This Post Was Written By Cindy

Pearl Harbor was originally a shallow embankment called Wai Momi
(Pearl Water) or Pu'rloa (long Hill). It was considered the home of
the shark goddess, Ka'ahupahua, and her brother, Kahiuka. Tradition
says that Keaunui, the legendary chief of the Ewa chiefs is the one w
ho created a navigable channel near the present day Pu'uloa saltworks.
The estuary known as "Pearl River" was then accessible to shipping.
It was never used for large shipping because of the shallow entrance.
As whaling and trading began to use the islands as a half-way point in
the Pacific, by 1820 the US was looking for a major harbor. It was
not until the turn of the century that Pearl Harbor began to be
refitted for larger naval vessels. The naval base we know today was formally opened
when the dry dock was open to flooding on August 21, 1919.

As early as February 1, 1933, the Navy staged a mock attack on Pearl
Harbor by the Japanese. The exercise was a disaster. Even in 1933 it
was known that Pearl Harbor's defenses were considered, after the mock
attack by Japan, a failure. It makes the events of December 7, 1941
even more heart-wrenching. The War Department knew the attack was
coming. They did not know when. They did not realize that Pearl
Harbor, which was basically a sitting duck, was to be the location of
the attack. It was assumed the attack would come in the Philippines.

Click For Full Size
Photo taken by a Japanese plane shows Battleship Row at the beginning
of the attack, along with the strike on the USS Oklahoma

"...Under the command of Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, the
attack was devastating in loss of life and damage to the U.S. fleet.
At 06:05 on December 7, the six Japanese carriers launched a first
wave of 183 aircraft composed mainly of dive bombers, horizontal
bombers and fighters. The Japanese hit American ships and military
installations at 07:51. The first wave attacked military airfields of
Ford Island. At 08:30, a second wave of 170 Japanese aircraft, mostly
torpedo bombers, attacked the fleet anchored in Pearl Harbor. The
battleship Arizona was hit with an armor-piercing bomb which
penetrated the forward ammunition compartment, blowing the ship apart
and sinking it within seconds. Overall, nine ships of the U.S. fleet
were sunk and 21 ships were severely damaged. Three of the 21 would be
irreparable. The overall death toll reached 2,403, including 68
civilians, and 1,178 injured. Of the military personnel lost at Pearl
Harbor, 1,177 were from the Arizona. The first shots fired were from
the destroyer Ward on a midget submarine that surfaced outside of
Pearl Harbor; Ward sank the midget sub at approximately 06:55, about
an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan would lose 29 out of
the 350 aircraft they attacked with...."

Click For Full Size
USS Arizona

The attack on Pearl Harbor, called Hawaii Operation or Operation Al by
the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters was designed to prevent the
US Pacific Fleet from interfering with their military actions in
Southeast Asia, against overseas territories of the United Kingdom,
Netherlands, and the US. The Japanese attack was so thorough that
only 29 aircraft and five midget submarines were lost. The US death
toll was 2,403. Only 65 Japanese servicemen were killed or wounded.
One Japanese sailor was captured.

Click For Full Size
USS Arizona Memorial

Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

In The Pacific

Sunday, July 24

Love Conquers All In The End

This story is for anyone that's ever been in love - out of love - and anywhere in between.  This story is especially for young people that are just beginning that process...  HOW BEAUTIFUL it ends up...

I'm an old lady now at the young age of 48...have great friends that are as young as 20 and as old as 70.  All women experience love; and OH BOY - love for a woman encompasses many facets of life.  Your first love, your first boyfriend, husband, your second, and all in between...

I envy the people I can count on one hand that met theirs and never looked back - that's rare.  I think we all intended for it to be that way...just didn't happen for me :)

In my life though - and lately especially - I've know people that experienced love in earlier years and have reunited...  I don't have anyone I want to connect back to - lost what I lost back in the day - and I'm now OK with it all...  BUT lately I know about 3 people going through this...

I'm PROUD and happy for those that went back and found those they loved from the beginning.  And on that note - those of us that have had amazing people come into our lives later = LOVE.

Life is a trip - worth taking - if you're missing something - look back and find it - or look at what you have at present and appreciate it, or maybe it's your future.  Be HAPPY for people in your past that found it - encourage your friends that they can find it -  and if you're IN IT -  LOVE what you have. 

KNOW Love conquers ALL :)  I'm old and have been through a lot in my life - Maybe I'm not what my husband thought I would be - and maybe he's not what I had in my young teen mind - but we're happy.  He puts up with me and I put up with him - we LOVE each other.  You have to get older to figure that out :)

I'm happy for us, and I'm SO HAPPY for those unhappy lately that were old and found love from the past.  Life is too short - BE HAPPY - and find love where you can and hold onto it when you get it...

LOVE CONQUERS ALL...no matter how long it takes :)


Sunday, June 12

Mark Amodei For CD2

I endorse Mark Amodei for my first vote next Saturday.

I may be only 4-5 years into politics...but I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THE SAME OLD SICK AND TIRED...

That being said...I've learned a lot in my involvement into politics. I'm pretty RIGHT WING when it comes to some things (not so much in others) - but when we live in a state that's hugely outnumbered by liberals - in power - we do have to get along to get along in some small areas in order to get anything done.  (NEVADA IS ALSO #1 IN UNEMPLOYMENT & FORECLOSURES)...???


I've studied all three major candidates for this spot - I believe Mark Amodei is the best mix to as best he can cover all major issues and somewhat meet in the middle (while he's STILL so Conservative)...

I DO NOT - and WOULD NOT support big LIB views or bills. However, until the Revolution actually comes - it's a fine line and a ledge to sit upon to choose leaders these days. I hate RINOS - I hate power mongers - and I hate opportunists that think just because they CAN win makes them the best candidate.  The OTHER thing I HATE is career politicians AND people that support said politicians because "they" think it will move them somehow higher up the "political" food chain".  Mark is NOT that guy...I don't think.

I'm SICK & TIRED of hearing the same old talking points! YES - "WE" all KNOW - "less government - less taxes - grow jobs" - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT???

Everybody with a vote has their own special interests - I have mine too. Well - I DO have a vote next Saturday. My interests lie in Northern Nevada. I'm not stupid.

I realize full well that the POPULATION of Nevada resides in Clark County. I realize full well that with redistricting coming after census will create a new district including more of Vegas. I've also lived in NV in the North (Vegas being the South for those not from here reading this) since 1989.

I also know that with your more than 1 MILLION in Vegas in population - Las Vegas / Clark County has TWO (2) of the (3) THREE congressional districts in Nevada. While the population lives down South - the LAND MASS - the WHOLE REST OF THE STATE (HUGE) is Congressional district #2.

I've got to go back to the way I was raised. I've got to go home to Texas where I'm from - the rurals... Country values - Common sense even when it comes to Carson City, NV and a dude accustomed to all that comes with that. I come from a town of about 5000 - know full well the Dallas / Ft. Worth TX metropolis houses about 4 MILLION - I get it... (WHY do you think with a vote I DON'T REALIZE what BIG means and big values are IMPORTANT - but Country values are also)...

Mark Amodei can mix the rural with the city and get along.  He can mix the needs of the City in Vegas as our GOP chairman - and still look after country folk.  I was in gaming for 20 years - I get the glitz and glitter...but I get common sense too.   He is and looks normal in our Northern mix. The "Southern" dudes try to buy boots, put on some jeans, and pretend they have the land mass at best interest. NOT!

Not to mention that over the last 20 years - CALIFORNIA has moved into Vegas in mass. The Conservative and common sense people there in "power" or offices - have turned into more "left" of center as Republicans.

Mark Amodei comes from HERE in the North. While I don't agree with him 100% on all he's done - he is the best I've seen. People here do not understand that the population DOES NOT outweigh the land mass in the important issues of Nevada.  I'm privy to some information once in a while - but don't believe all I hear.

The "North" has long been considered the red-headed step-child of the "South"...SORRY - not so. Country will ALWAYS outweigh city in my book. Just my humble opinion from a country gal...

Tuesday, April 12

BUDGET Argument - Al Sharpton - Chicken & Pig

In this budget argument in Washington - I would have said - shut it DOWN.

A video came out stating we are all like an Egg & Bacon sandwich -

LOVE egg sandwiches on Sundays :) NOT the way Al Sharpton says it...
My liberal friend tried to see it another way...

I saw the video in another manner - I AM the pig's leg...PAYING for all the

entitlements...Liberals see themselves as the chicken laying the egg.

BUT in a bi-partisan manner - I have to laugh tonight - because my LIBERAL friend called me and asked me if I saw Al Sharpton on TV today???

NO I DIDN'T - but when I watched it - I saw what she saw...

As a liberal - she agreed with him - BUT HELL NO!

I saw it differently...Liberals are laying free eggs - and WE THE PAYERS
- and PRODUCERS are giving a leg. Entitlement folks feel
like THEY are
giving a leg - and we PRODUCERS KNOW WE ARE giving a leg
- I only wish I was only
laying an egg...

It was funny though that she called me to turn me on to this video KNOWING we would see it differently - and was OK with that ;)

A LIBERAL KNEW I would see this differently - and spin it another way...

About 50 seconds into the video :)

What does that say about their confidence in the way they want things???

THEY KNOW it's unsustainable - and the pig cannot keep on giving a leg
to pay for it all.

The same needy pig cannot keep giving a leg to hope for it... It is what it is.

Tuesday, March 22

Scotty McCreery IS MY IDOL

Scotty McCreery IS MY IDOL 2011 - and I HATE reality TV.

Music centers me - ROCK or COUNTRY...


I chose his original audition for the video here -

YOU want to see how good he's become since?

OK - one more taste...

BUY the tickets one day - he's in the top 11...

Sharron Angle For NV Congress #2

Recently, I spoke to Sharron Angle personally.  I LIKE HER - I really do; she's a phenomenal woman.  Nevada, nor America YET is ready to take that step to Revolution.  Although I'd like to see it happen...

There are ALSO some other GOOD/GREAT politicians ready to run for Dean Heller's Congressional seat when he WINS the next seat to take OUT John Ensign in the Senate USA.

Rumors have it that Brian Krolicki and/or Mark Amodei will run for that seat.  I kindly held Sharron Angle's hand - and basically told her - while I like her personally - she has NO CHANCE in hell to win against either one of them.  It's true.

I just HATE to see a really nice woman put herself through that AGAIN - she's LOST a few elections already - HOW MANY times does she need to be told the citizens of Nevada will NOT elect her.  The media (as it is) is already slamming her SO HARSHLY - and in my opinion UNFAIRLY!  BUT - still remains - why spend ALL that money and go through that again.

I have a little mindset of my own like Sharron Angle - have even contemplated running for a small office of my own from time to time.  I don't agree with her some of the time BIG TIME on some issues - but a lot of the time - I say HECK YEAH!  I think a LOT of good people DON'T run for office for the same reasons.

I just say - Sharron - pick your battles - fight hard where and when you can - I support you as a fellow Republican Woman - but this one you cannot win.  Choose another battle...

Monday, March 21

My Latest Thoughts On Politics

On all fronts...I thing folks should think about this when thinking about what's going on today...

Tuesday, March 15


Not sure I wanted this to be my first post back on the blog trail - but business is business.

I live in Reno, NV.  A GREAT PLACE to live.  Unfortunately, our state "boasts" #1 in unemployment, #1 on foreclosures, & #1 in several other areas.

However, the GOOD side of those facts means that if you live here - you can buy a house for cheap - get a GREAT JOB - and your kid can excel in school like no other.

I've been trying desperately for some time to HIRE TWO Journeyman Diesel Pickup Mechanics for some time.  Where are they all???  One would think in the very state that "boasts" #1 in unemployment, folks would be lining up on the street for a job.  

After the "dot.com" boom and bust - no young people have experience in the "trades" anymore.  Nobody wants to get dirty - or work in mechanic jobs, electrician jobs, plumber jobs, etc.  The money is GOOD!  A guy with any experience under his belt doesn't make less than $20 per hour in my shops.  Basic beginners even make $17+ per hour.

I NEED MECHANICS!  I have a great busy shop and am so busy I need to hire TWO.

Please apply by phone at (775)-359-4477 - Fax in a resume to (775)-359-4487 - or apply online at our website http://www.dynamicdieselinc.com  

Sunday, March 13

Been A Long Time - I Want To Write Again

I'm back and I want to write again.  Stay tuned for the crazy opinionated woman to speak on cyber paper tomorrow...

Monday, February 1

State Of The Union

I haven't written on this blog in a LONG time. I've been writing other places - like Facebook, and maintaining various websites I'm responsible for.

You want to know what I think- WATCH Glenn Beck each day on Fox.


I have a lot to say - and if anyone really wants to hear it - say so - I'll come back and write :)

Wednesday, September 23

Wednesday Hero - Lt. John Madea

Lt. John Madea
Lt. John Madea
U.S. Navy

Lt. John Madea holds his daughter as she is baptized with holy water from the ship's bell of the amphibious dock landing ship USS Tortuga (LSD 46). This is the fourth person baptized aboard Tortuga since the ship's christening in 1988, and her name will be inscribed inside the bell as a tradition of the U.S. Navy.

Photo Courtesy U.S. Navy
Taken By Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Geronimo Aquino

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.
Wednesday Hero Logo

Tuesday, September 22

Obama on Letterman Show

President Obama went on TV yet again tonight on the David Letterman show. He's been on TV more times than he's had days in office! Anybody besides me question this strategy? GET OFF MY TV ALREADY!

RACE - YES - the race card was pulled again!

Letterman asked Obama how long he's been a black man - his response? "So the American people, I think, gave me this extraordinary honor. That tells you a lot, I think, a lot about where the country is at." Obama joked that he was actually black before the election - he wasn't :)

Obama's CORRECT response to how long he's been a black man should be NEVER!!! The race card is wrinkled, smelly, incorrect, and Obama IS NOT a black man :) Obama has a white mother, a black father, he's neither - he's just as much white as he is black - but yet America still praises the first black president. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT about the color of his skin, his DNA, his genetic code, or his hair, nose, eyes, etc.

WE THE PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT HIS POLICY - IF HE WERE TRULY 100% A TRUE BLACK MAN - AND HE DID A GOOD JOB - NOBODY WOULD CARE!!!! Jimmy Carter (truly the WORST president of all time - was as WHITE as an Easter Lily) was the worst president EVER in the USA. Obama is running a final second - and may take the lead if he's not careful.

If the race card is SO IMPORTANT to those KEEPING it in the media - WOULD YOU - YOU THE RACE CARD FOLKS - PLEASE ASK THE RIGHT BLACK MAN TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED? I'd LOVE to have a black president - I wouldn't even mind a purple, green, or blue president! JUST GIVE ME A PRESIDENT THAT READS THE BILLS - READS THE CONSTITUTION - AND GIVES A DAMN ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE! This man does NOT have your backs folks - cradle to grave is NOT something your government is supposed to provide.

He's GREAT for the entitlement crowd - which is HUGE! You've been indoctrinated to think the world owes you something for free - Obama's all about that - at the price of YOUR own tax dollars even though YOU think he's PROTECTING you from all that. Vote and weep my friends. The devil IS in the details - when it all comes down - YOU WILL LOSE MORE than you think you already don't have.

I'm so happy for Obama that he was impressed about a heart shaped potato that some lady gave him. Obama called that remarkable. YES we all like humor and home spun gratitude - but when your POLICY outweighs your humor - suddenly - it seems menial! A heart shaped potato with a GOOD president would be funny - and we'd all embrace that man's sense of humor. Obama is so far down the ladder right now - NOTHING funny he says makes WE THE PEOPLE laugh anymore, because I CRY when I see, study, and know what he's (the whole government) is doing to YOU - the ones that love him so much.

9.7% Unemployment? Who's doing the "averaging"? Where I live, it's 12.4% - where my in-laws live, it's up toward 15%...9.7 is but a drop in the bucket to most of us. GUESS WHAT? THERE ARE STILL JOBS TO BE HAD here in 12.4% ville... The MAJORITY of jobless - are the minimum wage jobs...BUSINESSES NEED SKILLED LABOR! Trade skills, mechanical skills, tech skills, management skills, even in "small-ville"...skilled customer reps, skilled folks with good work ethic and morals - ARE IN DEMAND!

Another "guess what" to those that just blindly BELIEVE statistics that are produced by the media? The "unemployment rates" are generated by statistics generated by those ACTUALLY receiving unemployment benefits! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Americans still "have" a job - but they've been cut back to 3-4 days a week, benefits cut, and salaries dropped! THEY are basically unemployed - but their numbers DON'T show...

Obama & administration have INCREASED unemployment benefits for 20 weeks now twice that I know of...there's only 52 weeks in a year - seems like bail outs never end. I can't tell you how disappointed I am when I hear folks I know personally tell me that "hey - they extended it - there's no real jobs out there anyway - I'm gonna keep drawing unemployment...I deserve some time off - I paid into it - gonna get what's mine!"

GUESS WHAT DUMMIES!? YOU don't pay into unemployment! Your EMPLOYER does! AND, if you run a good company, and don't have to fire too many, not too many quit - after 3 years or so YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT PAYMENTS go DOWN. In this economy, in this unemployment explosion - there won't be a break for years! TOO many people are on it - and STAY on it because the government keeps you entitled TO IT! GEEZEES! NOW the government says "part time" employees can get unemployment for the days they DON'T get! WTF? There's NO incentive for folks to go and DO! Productivity is a choice - too many choose NOT to.

By the way - NOBODY on this planet would, could, or SHOULD fault those that are truly disabled, crippled, or distraught in a way that makes them unable to fend for themselves. This nation IS ONE of compassion, love, and charity. THOSE that truly CANNOT will ALWAYS be taken care of :)

For those that never realized that minimum wage jobs are for the ones in high school or college, the ones that keep tips on top of income, or the retired that want extra income but not too much to thwart social security payments, or the ones that like working in an easy position and have a spouse or other income? Guess What? You reap what you sow!

As to the war - Obama's OWN CHOSEN leader / general is begging for more troops in Afghanastan! Obama had that report over a month ago! Obama doesn't want to engage! He said...

"Obama said he won't make a decision on sending in more troops, though, until he completes a comprehensive review of the war effort and settles on his next strategy.

"I'm going to be asking some very hard questions," Obama said."

GREAT! Another "comprehensive review" - just what we need from the government when your OWN chosen general is THERE and TELLING you what's needed! How many soldiers will DIE while Obama needs to have yet another "comprehensive review"?

He's gonna ask HARD questions? How about the HARD QUESTION the sitting general Obama chose ASKED HIS Commander in Chief? GIVE ME TROOPS OR GIVE ME DEATH - that's the bottom line... Folks like to think (government at least) the TOP line wins... NO - NOPE - NOT EVER - it's the BOTTOM line that matters - the war is on the bottom line - and it's bad.



If ya don't want to be the big dog - then get off the porch! It's all really simple America. We can FIGHT and WIN - or we can come home. There is NO MIDDLE in war! Eight years into a war that could have been won in a few months is even tiring to me the right winger :) Bush had balls, but with a Lib majority - couldn't kick ass and take names like he wanted. Main stream America is indoctrinated into Kum-Bah-Ya - so make a decision people - kick or curl - just make the move!

Obama needs to settle on his next strategy - what Obama is doing is SETTLING on OUR FUTURES!...BS

AND on Obama's media blitz this Sunday / Weekend - yep - you guessed it - was on every station imaginable to mankind in the USA - but refused to show up at FOX...

Perhaps WE need to remember that he "didn't know well" the folks he "did know well"...

And - while most of you are swallowing that warm sweet oatmeal and cookies fed to you by your current government and your main stream media???... beware of the habanero and jalapeno peppers diced in the middle of your brainwashed pudding :)

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/09/22/obama-tells-letterman-actually-black-election/

Sunday, September 20

Helzberg Diamonds Reno ROCKS

My son is getting married :) My son bought his woman's ring at Helzberg Diamonds here in Reno in the Meadowood Mall :)

I was there - we shared his story with the women behind the counters at Helzberg :) My son met his special girl while playing softball over three years ago. He played short stop - she played second base ;)

We went to pick out "that special ring" that only Erica can wear :) My son wanted to take her out to that ball field, and propose to her on second base - he did - she said YES - and a new family is born :)

Time passes - WE HAVEN'T GOTTEN A BILL YET - down payment done - forms complete - remainder of what's owed - no bill yet ?

Olga, from Helzberg gave me a phone call. She asked if Clayton did actually propose to his bride to be. I announced happily that yes he did. OLGA REMEMBERED! Olga asked if he did it at second base - I happily announced that YES he did :)

Olga asked again - did she say yes? WELL I again happily announced - YES she did say YES! (OMG - she's marrying my eldest son - how could she NOT say yes LOL) - BUT what makes Helzberg Diamonds ROCK - is that Olga the salesperson that sold my son the diamond ring for the woman he's chosen for a lifetime - cared to ASK!

Olga called - more than once until she reached us. She WANTED to know that all went well. We mentioned that we hadn't received a bill yet - she said - we haven't sent one yet! We wanted to make sure you were happy, and that he proposed, and that she said yes ;)

WHEN DOES THAT HAPPEN ANY MORE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY!!! They wanted to make sure all was good and happy, and they even mentioned that sometimes things go bad, and ladies don't always say yes - and maybe the young man needed to return the ring ;)

HELZBERG DIAMONDS in Reno, NV - THE REAL DEAL! If you need jewelery - GO THERE!

Helzberg Diamonds CARED about my son's wedding proposal. They went above and beyond the normal course of duty :) I CARE about businesses that CARE - because I'm a business owner myself ;)


Thursday, September 17

Me & My Camera...

Many people read this blog - some from far places. THIS post is for my NEVADA readers :)

I feel like I NEED to write this. I only got involved in politics since the caucus in 2008. I got fired up, and I haven't stopped being fired up since :) I just returned from a special event tonight, and thinking along the lines of what I need to say? WHO better to say it to than your dogs on your own back porch :) It's OK to sit in a nice dress in a lounge chair on your own back porch and talk to the dogs about politics :)

BUT - love my pictures - and I must have video of every politician from city council, to mayor, to congressman, to governor. I go to a lot of events, and I think (due to the "stink eye" I get from some)...I've become to be known in the upper circles of Washoe County GOP as "the bitch with the camera" HAHAHA...

Well - this is how it is - and this is my reason. I'm disappointed that in a county of over 500,000 that I take MY time to learn. I take my time to see. AND, a lot of times - there are not that many of us at any given function. BUT - THOSE OF US that ARE there hear all that is spoken when someone gives a speech. Bloggers abound - Newspapers abound - Television stations abound - just WE abound. WE - THOSE OF US that ARE there and HEAR what's spoken can sit amongst ourselves and talk about it all day long. We chicks, or the gentlemen that attend - we can ALL talk about what was said or done. WHY is speaking or telling different than pictures?

WHEN I AM BEHIND MY CAMERA??? I truly HAVE NO OPINION!!! As a woman, as a business owner, as a citizen, mother, voter - SURE - I have opinions...but BEHIND my camera - there IS NO OPINION! I just wish to bring to the citizens of Nevada the things they need to hear. From EVERY candidate - from EVERY person I film - I feel like it's my duty to bring to them what THEY aren't willing to come out and find out for themselves.

I ALWAYS ask permission to publish. I sit on my videos and study them myself to form my own opinions. I rarely have the time to publish the ones I have, and I have HOURS OF THEM!

By the time I find the time to edit and publish - it's usually old news anyway. SO - to those giving me stink eye - and to those that embrace my little videos? I do it for YOU. I do it for WE. WE THE PEOPLE - remember us? THANK YOU all that give me permission to film you - even though you rarely make it out of my camera or my computer :)

Tuesday, September 15

Obama Addresses AFL-CIO on "Health Care"

I just sadly witnessed the most Socialist speech I've ever seen or heard an American President make in my lifetime. My heart ached as the words fell from his tongue.

He actually, openly used very disturbing language in my opinion. Words like redistribute. Of course, he phrased it as the redistribution of success. "The success of us all depends on the success of each of us."

It's obvious that our current President would like to see every American in a Union - this was a hugely pro-union speech. He praised the "Freedom of Choice Act." He stated that it's the success of organized labor that has made this nation succeed, organized labor made this government succeed, and it's organized labor that will carry this movement and country forward.

He praised and promoted the public option in the "Health Care Reform". The way Obama explains his version and dream of health care reform very much sounds like "Unionized" health care - only on a national level, and as with "Card Check" - we the people will have very little choice in the matter if our Congress passes such a mess.

Obama hammered to the cheering AFL-CIO crowd the words "WE CAN'T WAIT" - "WE CAN'T WAIT". BUT, he failed to mention to this same crowd - that things in this reform WON'T take effect until 2012, AFTER his first term (and likely last) as President. If your health and your life DEPENDS on this "change" in health care - GOOD LUCK lasting until 2012 America!

Well - I've never been a member of "organized labor" EVER in my lifetime, and in my humble opinion - I'm all the better for it. I never made a "prevailing wage", I NEVER paid dues to any greedy union boss, I NEVER had someone else "negotiate" my standing with ANY employer! Today, I own three very small "mom & pop" companies and employ 22 Americans - all of whom make 100% to 200% ABOVE minimum wage, some even more.

His ideas on education reform appalled me! He actually SAID that it's our government's responsibility to bring our children "FROM CRADLE TO CLASSROOM - AND FROM COLLEGE TO CAREER!"

EXCUSE ME?? Last time I checked - my children have ALWAYS been MY responsibility. NO GOVERNMENT will claim responsibility nor indoctrination of MY children, grandchildren, nor great-grandchildren from cradle to classroom as long as I can breathe a breath of air to stop that! From college to career - that responsibility lies on the backs of the student! Of course, as parents where we can - we pay for college. Financial aid (loans, grants, and scholarship) is available - but the responsibility to learn, grow, and succeed - lies within the INDIVIDUAL!

Obama's speech ended again in pep-rally style - having the crowds chant "ALL FIRED UP" - "READY TO GO". I certainly hope common sense Americans are fired up - if this administration accomplishes all it wishes to - God help us all.

Tuesday, August 11

Mark Levin "The Great One" Gave ME an "Atta Girl"

Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts - Have you ever been to one? AMAZING! Eight cities, Eight days, one month - all to celebrate our troops, their families, and AMERICA - AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - AND CONSERVATISM!

I had the honor to attend the Vegas concert this last weekend. A surprise addition was Mark Levin, "The Great One", and since I listen to his radio show daily on my way home - I'd heard prior that he would be there.

Preface: I have long told my children that the schools were indoctrinating them - far against the way I was raised. In my day, NO BIT of history was left out. ALL SIDES of history, thoughts, doctrines, ideas were presented, and our teachers then left it up to us to decide which path to walk.

It's not so today. My kids (since all they know is what THEY were taught in THEIR time) always told me, "Oh Mom...it's not THAT bad"...Well...

My kids are 26 & 20. The 20 year old is a Sophomore at UNR as a business major. One night he called me late and said I might be right. In his English class - a big part of his semester grade was to read, study, and complete assignments of the Communist Manifesto!

I was appalled - not that his Professor wanted him to read that - just that NO ALTERNATIVE was offered. I believe that you should read all sides of life, learn all sides of life, THEN draw your own conclusion as to where you stand. It goes back to keep your friends close, but the enemies closer :) I also believe that IF you are presented TRUTH to all sides of life - HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY END UP ANY OTHER THAN CONSERVATIVE TO THE CORE?

NO alternative was offered - and I told my son NOT TO WORRY - I have the other side, and Mamas will ALWAYS present both sides to their children and let them grow and mature and decide. That's what a Democracy is about - THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA!

I then gave my son Mark Levin's book Liberty & Tyranny - The Conservative Manifesto. He read it, AND LOVED IT.

I COULDN'T WAIT to get to Las Vegas - see Mark Levin in person, and tote my book from home for him to sign.

I get to Vegas to the venue - was the first person through my particular door of entrance to the venue - then I got in line. Behind HUNDREDS, and then a thousand or so - we wait for Mark to sign our books. People from all over the nation had brought their books from home - each with a personal story - just to have Mark sign it.

Mark Levin had about 1-1/2 hours to sign what I would guess 3000 books! I wouldn't want to be him! But he shook each of our hands quickly, signed the books, and I got to very quickly tell him my story of why I bought his book for my son that was forced to read the Communist Manifesto - His face softened, and he said, "Atta Girl"... Made the line worth while :) (NOTE: A BIG thanks to my husband Kevin for snapping these photos of a GREAT experience :) Love ya Babe!

Wednesday, August 5

Customer Compliment

Today, I had a pleasurable moment at work. As a multiple business owner, I am not at each location all the time - plus - I have "princess tendencies" that bring me in late (hahaha).

A customer came in for a repeat visit. He had been to our shop once before, but I had never met him. Today, I had the pleasure to wait on him when he picked up his vehicle and pay his bill. At first, he did not know I was the owner, just thought I was the secretary I think :)

He asked me, "Do you know why I came back here and love you guys?" I said No, but I'd sure like to hear. He remembered from his past repair, that an error had been made and we made it right. I then remembered that job, but had never met the actual man.

The last time he was in - we inadvertently billed him for a part that ended up not actually being needed on his truck. We returned the part, but did not remove it from his bill.

I caught the error in my daily duties a few weeks later, and sent the man a check for $40 something dollars and apologized for the error. He told me today when I met him that NOBODY from ANY company had ever sent him money BACK! He knew that I could have easily kept that $40 and no one would have ever been the wiser.

I remembered doing that - it was just the right thing to do. I didn't realize at the time that others might not. It made me feel really GOOD to know that doing the right thing made a real impact on my company's reputation, and brought a smile to the heart of a now loyal customer. I was just embarrassed at the time that we let an error like that slip by us!

I told him I appreciated his comments, introduced myself as the business owner, and told him - no worries. We try hard to do what we say we will do, with quality and timely performance. I also mentioned that I too must look into a mirror each day - and why would I keep $40 that didn't rightfully belong to me? We smiled and shook hands.

Ahhh - the little things in life that make your day :) It was a true pleasure serving this customer, and I hope many more feel the same way. It just feels so good to make someone else happy. I want us all to strive for more of that in our daily lives, our business lives, and just in general.

God Bless America and the people that live here and co-mingle from time to time with each other in happy ways :)

Tuesday, August 4

Friends Lost & Gone - Sad But True

What happens to people you used to know - used to look up to - and then "poof" life changes, circumstances change, and voila - a new sad person is born. HOW MANY times can you watch one individual be on top of the world - and then in the gutter AGAIN?

Sometimes it's not all sad - sometimes you just catch folks you still know in a 2 + 2 = 95 moment and you just shake your head. Thank goodness some make it, some don't, and I suppose at one moment or another in our own lives - we've been that person??? But only and hopefully after being in the gutter or close ONCE - you don't EVER end up there again - most figure it out and can call a medium to rock bottom the worst ever - but MULTIPLE trips to the bottom and the gutter???

Running errands today I ran into someone on the sidewalk outside a store. I nodded getting out of my car wearing sunshades and in a hurry. I knew that person saw me - that's why I nodded. They looked back, I smiled and got on out of my car.

Couldn't help myself - after passing my car and on my way into the store - I looked that person's direction - they looked back again - then came back and called my name.

From a distance I said, "how are ya?" - they said, "Oh - it's you." Then it was a sad moment I cannot do anything about anymore. This person overtly stated they aren't good again. Life sucks - I lost my job - I have this affliction, that one, and another one. I'm going to require multiple surgeries, I only have the VA, and I now have to live with a relative because I cannot take care of myself any longer.

However - this person was clean, wearing clean crisp clothes, and given the neighborhood I was in - I know this person walked at least half a mile to end up there on foot. This person had to lean the wall to stand up though - had been drinking a LONG time and smelled of it - and stood there on a sidewalk and cried like a baby while I tried to provide some words of common sense, good judgment, advice, and comfort.

This person used to be a great person - great job - great parent - great spouse. EVERYTIME now I run into this person over the last three years - always the same - TRAGEDY - cover ups - excuses - and yes - bad health.

One cannot walk miles though if they aren't capable of something. You give them phone numbers, you suggest avenues over the years for help. You OFFER these people EVERYTHING you have to offer INCLUDING LOTS of money - they still swim the gutter.

I don't want to be a total raving bitch - but at some point - after you've taught someone how to swim, after you've seen them at the top of the world more than once, and at the bottom more than thrice, and you STILL give them swimming lessons - some days - you almost want to tell them to jump.

Some people cannot be saved and that's sad...

Wednesday, July 15

Wednesday Hero - Sgt. 1st Class Gregory A. Rodriguez & Jacko

Sgt. 1st Class Gregory A. Rodriguez & Jacko
Sgt. 1st Class Gregory A. Rodriguez & Jacko
35 years old from Weidman, Michigan
K-9 unit of the 527th Military Police Company, 709th Military Police Battalion, 18th MP Brigade
September 2, 2008
U.S. Army

"I asked Greg if anything ever happened to him where he'd prefer to be buried," Sgt. Rodriguez's wife, Laura, told the Morning Sun of Mount Pleasant, "and he told me Arlington, as he wanted to be among the best and the brave."

"Rod," as he was known to his Army buddies, was a Red Wings fan who loved to hassle fans of other hockey teams he met during his military career, said Laura. "Greg loved to push everyone's buttons and get people going with his rare, unique sense of sarcasm," she said. At the same time, her husband, a military police dog handler whose dog, Jacko, survived the fatal ambush, was "a very committed, loyal individual and could be counted on whenever needed."

Sgt. 1st Class Gregory A. Rodriguez died of wounds suffered in Ana Kalay, Afghanistan, when his mounted patrol came under small-arms fire.

"My brother liked to be the law," said Lisa Dombrowski. "He liked justice. If it wasn't right, he made it right."

He is survived by his sister, wife and three children.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From MilitaryCity.com

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Tuesday, July 14

Politics Seems to be BULLSHIT!

I only got involved in politics about 2 years ago. But what I've learned so far climbing "up the ranks" and that's not saying much to where I am...but it all still seems to be BULLSHIT! From local, to state, and then to national politics, all I see so far is one against another, and what will benefit whom?

What MY FOLKS taught me 46 years ago was who COULD benefit whom - and THAT meant helping one another - it meant FAIRNESS - it meant FISCAL responsibility, and it MEANT that ANYBODY that GOT elected could at least add 2 + 2! It meant that when we elected or appointed an official, THEY would ACTUALLY REPRESENT the PEOPLE! TODAY - NOTHING - NOW who can benefit who means who gets pay back on what someone donated to them, or which STUPID law benefits MONEY that brought the elected official to office.


Republicans argue with Democrats...Gays argue among Straights...Hispanics / Asians / Muslims / Jews / Christians / and ANYBODY I left out still seem to ARGUE in 2009!

It's ALL BULLSHIT! The CONSTITUTION of America is what made this Country GREAT! Many don't even KNOW what the constitution EVEN SAYS! AMERICA made America the MELTING POT, and I guess TODAY, I'm questioning WHY we allowed the ones that wanted to melt with the rest of us TODAY QUESTION our ORIGINAL intentions?

The ORIGINAL intention of our Founding Fathers (and YES they were men...and for the WOMEN that take fault to that should RECONSIDER their position...accepting the amendments to the Constitution thereof that have made it OK)...There was NEVER anything WRONG with STRONG women making a home, having a job, and supporting what AMERICA was all about :)

IF YOU came here from somewhere else, you OBVIOUSLY came here because YOU thought it was BETTER, and YOU wanted to be an AMERICAN! So, to come here and force YOUR laws, and YOUR culture ON US - means YOU REALLY LIKED where you WERE! So...WHY come here and try to CHANGE AMERICA? After all, you CAME here, and WE let you in...so WHY try to CHANGE the WHOLE AMERICA???

YES, we welcomed you, and YES we welcomed some of your culture...your food, your religious beliefs, you are FREE to hold them...BUT YOU ARE NOT FREE TO MANDATE THEM TO ALL OF US THAT WERE ALREADY HERE! It's cool to bring your culture here, but it's NOT COOL to CHANGE AMERICA to BE whatever YOU WERE! If you LOVED what you WERE, then WHY did you come HERE in the FIRST PLACE!

To THOSE people that came here - you are welcomed to participate in OUR BELIEFS,...and might I say WELCOMED to your OWN beliefs, but you ARE NOT WELCOME to CHANGE the way America...AMERICA believes; since what AMERICA believed is WHAT formed this country!

If you risked your very LIFE to get HERE - then WHY do YOU want to CHANGE US to be LIKE what you risked your LIFE to LEAVE? I just don't get that - therefore I don't accept what's going on today!

I was going to post ALL the political parties that have existed to this day, but Wikepedia is too bore some, because IT ISN'T accurate! BUT THERE WERE SO MANY! AND it didn't EVEN mention the parties of LONG ago like the Whig party (I neither agree or disagree...just saying they exist - ALL parties existed!), and there were other parties never mentioned - I don't take favor to any particularly except the COMMON SENSE party that has NEVER been formed - and I WOULD call that party Conservative! I don't care WHO you are, or WHO you screw, WHO you raise your MONEY from - if you cannot see that Conservatism and Capitalism WORKS - then too bad, so sad, I'll leave you dangling in your entitlement mentality and you can see just how Socialist hope and change works out for you in the end!

I'm about DONE with the WHOLE LOT OF YOU, and what it brings to be active. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will reign in the end - and I don't HAVE to go to meetings, be campaign managers, campaign on my time, nor DONATE to KNOW what the AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN DO!

I'm still involved today, but we ARE in a different time today, and things are strange. I will NO LONGER vote nor support a candidate that WON'T carry him/her self as to the BEST INTEREST OF WE THE PEOPLE!

I consider myself a staunch Republican, but if MY CANDIDATES WON'T take the best interest of the PEOPLE to heart - and THEY worry about "moderation" - perhaps I'll give UP politics in general and just FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE...

Oh Yeah...there's a cute chick in Alaska named Sarah Palin that just did that - we'll see yet if she's for REAL - but I'm hopin' SHE'S starting the next mannerly revolution :)

Thursday, July 9

Wednesday Hero - Cpl. Reynold Armand

Cpl. Reynold Armand
Cpl. Reynold Armand
21 years old from Rochester, New York
2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force
August 7, 2007
U.S. Marines

Reynold Armand didn’t want to wait until he turned 18 to join the Marines. He persuaded his adoptive mother to sign papers allowing him to sign up a year early.

"I'm very proud of him," said his father, Carl Armand. "When he was home, he gave no sign of being afraid." Armand didn’t speak much about his experiences in Iraq, according to family members, saying only that most Iraqi civilians he encountered were very nice.

"We used to send him a lot of candy," said his mother, Alma Armand. "He would pass it out."

Manny Rodriguez, 21, of Rochester met Armand five years ago at New Day Church in Rochester, where both young men were members of the youth group. "He was such an amazing all-around person. He was so easy and comfortable to be around. He liked people for who they are."

No definitive report could be found on how Cpl. Armand died. Some report that he was killed when shot and others report that he was killed by an IED that exploded near his vehicle in Balad, Iraq.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From MilitaryCity.com with help from Kathi

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Wednesday, July 8

Health Care Excessive Costs

I just recently went to the doctor for numbness in my hand. Thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome - NO - I have cubital tunnel syndrome, from the tunnel in the elbow instead. Yes it was a "specialist" I went to, not the average doctor.

Just got a bill today for what I owe the doctor - not too bad at $53. I paid a $40 copay at the door. THEN - I looked at the REST of the statement. I spent just over an hour with this doctor, and the bill was about $3800 dollars!!! Yep it's nice that I only had to cover $93 dollars of that - but WTF?

I figured out the numbers - if a doctor can see 5 patients a day at $3800 per hour or so given lunch hour - note time - in and out time - etc...that's $19,000 per day income. Given an average 20 day work month allowing for off time, holidays, etc...that's $380,000 per month income to an office.

Yep there's rent, there's paying the salaries of say 5 people (2 nurses for a large office, 2 office staff, and 1 dedicated to filing insurance claims). How much do you figure a doctor's office employee makes - obviously the nurses more, but office staff...how much?

I'm a business owner and I employ 22 people - OURSELVES included as owners. Our insurance premiums are HUGE because of a small group. I feel BADLY that I went to a specialist to fix my elbow problem - and I know for every dollar spent at a doctor's office, our premiums go up or down reflecting who uses the policy. Just IMAGINE when someone has to have a surgery or a catastrophic event befalls them...what that does to our premiums - and we all split the costs evenly. We as employers pay half and HALF of all dependents - it's STILL INSANE! A guy with a wife and a couple of kids is looking toward $800-$1000 per month!

I manage to draw a nice salary, I employ 22 people - NOBODY in our companies makes less than $14 per hour, and the producers make over $20 - some up toward $30 per hour. WE NEVER HAVE $380,000 PER MONTH IN GROSS INCOME!!! Between 3 companies employing 22 people and 14 of those 22 are PRODUCERS, not like ONE doctor in an office that produces alone - we're lucky to maybe have between us all even close to that kind of gross income. Health care is INSANELY EXPENSIVE! Do the math!

Large companies can employ hundreds of people. Back in my gaming days I worked for a company with 2800 employees - MY ENTIRE FAMILY was covered with lower co-pays and a premium of about $200 per month. WTF?

Our current health care system is SCREWED UP! The government is certainly no answer - they can't even read a bill before they vote on one! I'd love to hear your thoughts...give me YOUR opinions on how we can stop the madness before the Government attempts to do it for us!

Tuesday, June 23

What Does A Free & Strong America Mean To You?


Give Romney's PAC $50 and you might win an all expense paid trip to see a ball game at Fenway Park sitting in the Romney Family's seats :) Consider it a raffle ticket :) Many complained that it cost something to enter...goes to my entry...America is still a FREE country. Pay it and enter ONE DAY LEFT...or don't...but DON'T judge those of us that did!

Here's my entry:

"PEOPLE RISE, carry forth what founding Fathers intended, ABIDE the Constitution. GREAT document at inception.

GET OVER ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY, GET OVER “Political Correctness”…Free Speech IS. QUIT getting FEELINGS HURT over someone DISAGREEING, then attempting to take morbid, legal action against said person… otherwise we’re stuck in moldy turmoil called endless conundrum!

GET MORALS back! SAY NO to someone, AND HAVE THEM understand NO MEANS NO…keep extremes between yourselves under cover of your private home, NOT in main-stream. It’s OK to have ENFORCED RULE stating things are better left unsaid or undone… Americans cherish freedom… keep some freedoms to yourselves if you don’t particularly like enforced rule of civility, moral behavior, or common sense!

BE FISCAL! It’s long been said that money is the root of all evil, but lack of it breeds evil! If America doesn’t FIRST deal with FISCAL; WE CANNOT heal social, political, or varied issues. YOU CANNOT SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE! Government has NO MONEY! They’re elected officials that serve US – WE DON’T SERVE THEM! Government HAS NOTHING they don’t gain from US! The more they take from those providing, the LESS WE HAVE TO PROVIDE. When they’ve taken ENOUGH to make all equal… NO MORE to take and NOBODY left to provide!

EVERYBODY has a calling. Take that calling to the best of your ability WITHOUT Government intervening, prosper and abound. Keep morals strong, efforts true. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST PEOPLE on earth…if we just go BACK to how America CAME TO BE!"

IT'S SO HARD for an activist blabbermouth like ME to say ANYTHING in 250 words or less...but I did it in EXACTLY 250 words. Although I couldn't cover illegal immigration here...I'm pretty sure enforced law and SAY NO 'bout covers that too :) Good luck to me and anybody else that entered or will...

Wednesday, June 17

Wednesday Hero - Pvt. William Long

Pvt. William Long
Pvt. William Long
23 years old from Conway, Arkansas
D Company, 2nd Battalion, 58th Infantry
June 1, 2009
U.S. Army

"My brother taught me valuable lessons and made me the man I am today," said Pfc. Triston Long, brother of Pvt. William Long. "My commander said, 'Make your brother one of us.' I will miss my brother with all that I am, and I serve in honor of him."

Pvt. William Long had just completed basic training and was set to ship out on June 8 to his first duty station in Korea when he and Private Second Class Quinton Ezeagwula were shot outside a Little Rock, Arkansas Army-Navy Recruiting Center by Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad. They were in Little Rock to speak to with potential recruits about their experiences.

Pvt. Long's father, Daris Long, a former Marine, wrote a letter to give to him when he shipped out for South Korea. In that letter he wrote, "Your day only ends when you’ve done your duty. You and your brother … are both heroes for having the moral courage to stand up when your country needs you most. You are in my hopes and my thoughts and my prayers. You are my son, you are my hero. I love you. Semper fidelis."

Along with his father and brother, Pvt. William Long is survived by his mother, Janet, who had served in the Navy herself.

All Information Was Found On And Copied From RedState, Sipsey Street Irregulars & Army Times with help from Kathi

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Wednesday, June 10

New Legislation OR Pre-Planned Conspiracy?

I SWEAR - I'm NOT a Conspiracy Theorist! However...I'm living in a time unlike anything I've ever seen in my lifetime, and I'm 46. I'm amazed lately at the lightning speed in which rules are changed...both nationally and locally.

Each new "regulation", or "new law" up to and including BOTH my "Obama" administration AND my Nevada legislation...has creepily had RESULTS BEFORE the ink was dry on the paper!

Obama signs a new bill...within 3 days it seems I get new updates on my business software to compensate for the new expenditures/rules! My Nevada legislature signs a new law, and before the ink is dry I get a letter in the mail explaining the NEW way I must fill out tax forms or meet tax obligations, and / or I get a strange check in the mail that might benefit me TODAY, but it WON'T benefit future home buyers!

Is all this stuff pre-planned? HOW CAN IT BE...it's NOT efficiency I ASSURE you that's causing all this. In years past...you almost had to ask or beg for new rules after they were passed in "Congress" to insure yourself you were obliging to new regulations before you might be penalized for not doing so. Today...news airs...next 3 days you get notification! In a country of 300,000,000 folks..."they" are NOT that efficient!

"They" also aren't fooling anyone! Folks that study bills before State Legislature or Washington Congress can READ BETWEEN the lines! Every county in my state has a different sales tax %. Reno has been 7.375% since I've been in business...but we had an allowance credit for paying on time that got cut in half in the bad economy. That comes out of MY pocket. Sales Tax that I PAY my county is none other than writing a check for that which I collect...called a "wash" for those in the business know.

For business owners...we got a "notice" that our allowance for making timely payments was cut in half from Jan.-June. Well...it's June. We also heard that sales tax going up was a passed measure in Legislature! Well...let me read you the letter...paraphrased yet accurate!

The previous reduction in the collection allowance (Jan-June) will remain in effect for ALL FUTURE RETURNS. In addition...the local school support tax of sales & use tax will increase from 2.25% to 2.60% (don't EVEN know what that is but SOMEBODY is paying it!)...as of July 1, 2009. Based on these increases...here...blah blah are new tax rates...Reno...7.725%????? While SOME...MIDDLE CLASS folks bear these increases...they make it seem like tax rates went DOWN from 7.735% to 7.725%??? Maybe some other counties really got humped...I only keep up with mine :) BUT...BANGING average folks for the INCREASES and LOWERING the sales tax to consumers by a miniscule amount...DOES NOT MAKE FOR LOWER TAXES!

HELLO!!! The INCREASES that are MORE are paid by the average folk, the same way you give us a percentage of a penny OFF our sales tax??? Don't you government folk THINK WE the LITTLE PEOPLE can actually DO MATH??? "You" GOVERNMENT stick a rose in our faces while you stick a hot poker up our butts and think WE don't know the difference given your convoluted formulas of "government math".

Let me spell it out for any Republican or Democrat out there. 2+2=4. Dividing CRAZY ideas into REAL numbers only leads to failure. YOU aren't fooling ANYBODY! Nevada Legislature's idea of 4...Obama and his Congress's idea of 4 is NOWHERE EQUAL TO 2+2! GIVE US A FREAKING BREAK ALREADY!!!!

"They" cannot EVEN account for all the bail out money...but by God...I've gotten notices of me paying MORE immediately! A bad bill passed in Nevada that is "good for me" as a homeowner that "already" owned a home...got a tax abatement check.

For new homeowners...they are going to pay taxes on full market value of anything purchased if my thinking is correct. The only "roll-back" to pre-so-in-so tax values was going to require this if my study is true! BUT...just saying...things are happening QUICK these days...like "they" ALREADY knew what was going to happen before it did!

Am I crazy? OR...does anybody else notice this?

Friday, June 5

Yen & Yang of Capitalism

When SUCCESS is no longer a viable OPTION...a FEW will continue to succeed for a short time.

When FAILURE is no longer a viable OPTION...ALL will eventually FAIL in a short time!

Obama Makes My Jaw Drop

I swear...I never thought I'd live to see the things happening right before my own eyes today. One man managed in 6 months to spend more money than ever before in 30 administrations before him. One man has managed to appall the masses (even the ones that voted for him)...

The last time I "overly" shook my head was when Jimmy Carter was in office. But today, I'm beginning to think I've contracted a terminal case of both Parkinson's Disease and TMJ all at the same time! I walk around each day with my head continually shaking and my jaw dropped (it's locked in that dropped position), as I watch my President throwing away 200+ years of history.

There might have been a report of a volatile dirt explosion...I'm not sure...but I'm pretty sure wherever the founding fathers are buried...a huge explosion occurred, as I don't think a simple "roll-over" would have been sufficient enough for them in their graves! I'm pretty sure their graves either EXPLODED, or IMPLODED, and the smell of RIGHTEOUSNESS must be prevalent wherever they exist! For the ones that were creameated...it must look worse than the LaBron James Powder show in the playoffs!

Obama now has Czars...bunches of them (about 13-16) I think...since when does the USA need Czars? (Czar is the definition of a ruler of Russia until the 1917 Revolution, or one in GREAT power). Nobody really knows who they are...who they report to, or what the consequences will be if they don't perform admirably? They just are, and they get paid WELL on YOUR dime!

I think Obama must have been "absent" for 9-11, and much before and after. I think Obama learned A LOT while he was in that Madrassa in Indonesia as a small child. After attending Rev. Wright's "christian church" for a long time...he hasn't been bothered with religion at all lately. I can't talk...I haven't stepped foot in a church for years either...but I PRAY regularly and those that know me know I depend on my Christian beliefs and spirituality to get me by always. Church can be at home, it can be anywhere...but most that participate at LEAST talk about that practice on a regular basis! Obama only preaches the NEEDS of the other peoples, not the Americans who hold Christianity dear. Don't get me wrong...Christians by belief accept, welcome, and tolerate freedom of all religions...I've just never seen such a "Muslim "christian" before"...

My President gave up Reverend Wright to spend my taxpayer dollars to travel to the Middle East and quote the Quran! NO OTHER POTUS has EVER done that! I see dictators and savage militants laughing at my President calling him Comrade and joking that THEY are more Conservative than he...and it's true. No doubt Obama is a Liberal...but to have Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro LESS Liberal than you is spooky!

Obama basically snubs Israel and the Jews...but he sure loves the Muslims...NOT the Christians or Catholics, or the Methodists, Episcipalions, Church of Christ, Jewish people, or any other Christian religion that actually believes in GOD and true kindness and responsibility! He said on his first day of his tour, he was happy to be there where Islam began! Couldn't bother to go to Israel though...Couldn't even bother to go to Kenya to visit Grandma who witnessed his birth...oh yea...he's had a gag order placed upon "that part" of his family since his Grandma "ratted him out" for NOT being born in Hawaii...he's spent about $2 Million in legal defenses against the 12 or so lawsuits against him for producing no legitimate birth certificate...when producing a legitimate one would have ended it all!

I've been alive for all Presidents from Kennedy through Obama, and NO President has ever "given me the CREEPS"...this one does. It's TOO CREEPY that he's managed to destroy America in less than 6 months. All politicians are a bit arrogant, but he's narcissist, and arrogant beyond any other. He continually makes speeches and looks from side to side, points that finger horizontally OVER and over...and NEVER LOOKS US in the eye!

A man that cannot LOOK YOU IN THE EYE has MUCH to hide! Pelosi or Reid cannot look into the eye either. (Excuse me...Pelosi DOES look you in the eye...she just waves her hands a lot and states..."I've said ALL I'm going to say about that." We're in a BIG MESS...and while I always try to get along with my Democrat friends...I hope this is the CHANGE you were hoping for...as for me...I just HOPE I survive long enough to see him gone out of office! It's a real shame to see what Obama and the Democrats and the liberal media have done to this Country!

Even the flag that flies in front of my house is depressed! The wind never seems to kick up in the right direction anymore to make it fly STRAIGHT OUT! It just seems to kind of limp there and fly sometimes, but mostly just hang...even in Nevada winds. When it is windy...it seems to just get all wadded up in itself! God Bless the USA even if our President WON'T.

And God bless Israel even if our President WON'T.

Friday, May 29

Reno CANCELS Fireworks 4th of July

Folks...some TRUE news is SO BIZARRE...you just can't make this kind of craziness up! And yet you find yourself head in hands pulling your hair out as to how grown adults in charge of a city of several hundred thousand people actually meet and DECIDE that THIS is what's best for ALL OF US!!!

RGJ News Article

"The Reno City Council agreed Friday to cancel fireworks for the Fourth of July, bowing out to the much bigger Star-Spangled Sparks show in downtown Sparks. It will use that money and other funds to support special events."

Oh Goody!...just what "special events" are we going to use that money on?

"The council agreed that the $7,500 planned for fireworks would be better spent supporting the national hand cycling championship that will be part of the Tour de Nez bicycle classic on June 17-20...With that backing, “we could get them every year and make it into a bigger event,” Councilman Dave Aiazzi said."

WOW! hand cycling over 4th of July Fireworks!!! Yippeee!!! But WAIT!!! It gets better...

"The Council has made special events a top priority this year as a means of drawing tourism and to help cheer up local people in this recession.

Weight loss program: The council also supported member Dan Gustin’s request to spend $15,000 in its next budget to put 12 police officers and firefighters, if they agree, on a three-month program to lose weight in hopes they will stick with it. Their initial program would be overseen by a doctor, physical fitness experts and a nutritionist.
Preventing any one of them from a heart attack would save the city $1 million in medical bills, Gustin said."

Only in America huh? Glad to know my city is in such qualified hands! My sarcasm runs amok, but not NEARLY as much as my lividness at the sheer STUPIDITY of all of it!

Saturday, May 16

Ronald Reagan is Not the New GOP - OLD SCHOOL


BUT...I'm growing ever increasingly tired of Reaganomics, Reaganophics, The Reagan Principle, Reaganesque!!! It's like people DON'T realize that when you were young...and little Johnny and little Bobby lived next door...they BOTH had great dads...but like your always hearing that only ONE of those dads ever mattered!

Reagan was great...and he may have been the last thing Republicans can remember that great... but if that's true? IF A PARTY ONLY has one guy that is rememberable enough to mention, and he was great in the '80's...you gotta see we're in TROUBLE!

WHEN ARE CONSERVATIVES GOING TO STAND BACK UP (in the 'real' world of actual elected officials) AND REALIZE THAT IT'S WE - WE - WE THE PEOPLE that think Conservative (maybe like Reagan)...but like millions of others JUST LIKE HIM!

GOOD POLITICS is NEVER going to be about one man or woman! It's about WE. It's a TEAM effort to make this country great! Reagan was a wonderful man and politician...but he is just one man amongst millions of great country men and women!

What Reagan represents that NOBODY likes to bring up is "Old School"! Guess What? I'm at that PERFECT AGE to see it come full circle LOL :) When I bucked as a youngster...I thought my folks were "such 'Old School' "...I have grown kids now...that have lived through the bucking, and now we laugh about how they used to think I was 'Old School'...but guess what else? Old School in my generation, in theirs, and in the 'old schools' of our parents and grandparents is WHAT WORKED!

IT WASN'T JUST REAGAN!!!!! GOP-get back to 'Old School'...and just leave Reagan to live out his peace in his grave! There are millions like Reagan...and some even better is my guess...get on with getting it all out...

Suddenly...I need a cup of TEA :) Later...readers...gonna sip and remember...