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Friday, January 20

HORRID Child Abuse in Nevada

OH MY GOD!...What goes on in YOUR back yard?

Holy Shit! What else can I say? Not to make light of ANY child abuse story, but sadly enough, our news each day across this country usually has a few “normal” cases of child abuse in it. Abductions seem to be on the rise, or maybe we just notice them more because of the fairly new amber alert. Tragic stories of beatings, horrible living conditions, shitty drug addicted parents, etc. are unfortunately fairly common in our news. And, most of the time, it’s “somewhere else” you know…not usually in your own back yard, or your own home town or city. NOT SO TODAY…

Reminding me of a really bad horror film, a story broke today in Carson City, NV that in my opinion, should leave these incorrigible parents with at least a life in prison sentence, if not the ‘ole hanging in town square!! Locals noticed a very frail “8 year old girl” in scant clothing pushing a shopping cart full of food & sundries down the street. Officers stopped her, and to everyone’s astonishment; this young lady was only 41pounds of weight and 16 years old! She stated that she had escaped her “prison” and was gathering supplies for her and her little brother and was running away from home! She realized that she might be in some kind of trouble, and begged officers to take her anywhere but home. Officers went to the 3-bedroom 2-bath apartment, and found her 12 year old little brother hiding under the bed. He looked like a 3-5 year old, also badly malnourished.

These children had been kept locked in a bathroom FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS. It appalls me and sickens me that this can even happen in today’s age. Both parents and another relative have been arrested on $100,000 bail. The children have been taken out of the home with no chance of parents having any contact with them. The parents stated (if you can believe this shit) that the children were locked up because they “had a bad habit of stealing food”.

This is a breaking story still, but our local news stated tonight on air KOLO News Story that a bank account to help these children will be opened Monday, January 23, 2006 at our local Bank Of America. I certainly intend to send them money. If any of my readers should respond with an interest in donating to these poor kids, I will e-mail them personally, and will also make another posting later with complete details on how to help them or donate to this account.
KRNV Video Story