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Tuesday, January 31

THERE'S A BETTER WAY...Move From Virginia

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THERE’S A BETTER WAY… Can we please just beat this Tim Kaine in the head with a pillowcase full of marbles? His “Democrats Response To State Of The Union” made me want to PUKE. There is more manliness portrayed in Brokeback Mountain! He carried on about medical reform in which Americans need better prescription drugs made in America by foreign countries… did anyone else hear that oxymoron? His whole speech was full of oxymorons so obvious that I just wanted to encourage all Virginians to MOVE. If this is the best you can do for leadership…MOVE. (I’m sorry Mom…) my Mother lives in Virginia. Vote this guy OUT. And then also today I watched the vote on Allito’s confirmation…two of our “so called leaders”…ONE WHO RAN FOR PRESIDENT, and one that is scheduled to run… NO-SHOWED the vote at the first run. Yes, John Kerry and Ms. Hillary Rodham (let anyone suck my husband’s dick BUT ME) Clinton, who LOVE to run their mouths in front of the camera, were “somehow conveniently absent” when their names were called for an Aye or No. Even the blowhard Kennedy managed to stagger to his chair in time to say NO. Give me a break! If you liberal leaning people keep supporting these die hard Democrat leaders, we will all be bent over a sheep fence before we know it.