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Sunday, February 19

Bin Laden, Hussein, Now Youth Still Stirring Muslim Trouble Pot

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Bin Laden releases an extended version of his latest video "vowing NEVER to be taken alive". Thank you Osama, we appreciate that, it will make it much easier for us to capture your dead body from a pile of rubble. That will save me many tax dollars if the liberals aren't so worried about your defense team and a fair trial.

Video Sharing at DropShots.com

Saddam Hussein has gone on a hunger strike in defiance of his infadel legal team, and the court that he deems to be unfair. Again, Thank You Saddam, if you starve to death and die, we can feed more of our own homeless, again saving me tax dollars.

Tonight, Fox News aired a video of Middle Eastern students attending suicide bombing school. 1,000 have already graduated, and it is reported that 52,000 have registered to defend the country if USA takes any military action against Iran for nuclear production. (This video can be found at the above Bin Laden link, it is titled Continued Defiance). These people are total retards. They interviewed a recent graduate who was bragging about his commitment to this idea if we did not leave Iran alone.

I don't think our Shock and Awe was quite Shocking and Awesome enough. With the tax dollars we save on dead Bin Laden, and starved Hussein, we should go reintroduce these people to the mighty eagle talon once again. And don't go getting all sappy on me about the innocent women and children. There were a large number of women in this class, and lots of young boys in the mobs holding up large guns and cheering on the cause. The islamofacism cult is going to have to be wiped out...no matter how apalling that thought sounds to the meek.