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Saturday, February 4

Children With Guns On Rise: Gun Control No Answer

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I’m sure I will most definitely stir up some unpopular shit for myself with this post, but I stand firm in my opinion, as I have seen it to be a truth with every family I ever knew that practiced the same belief.

There have been some horrible stories of late in breaking news about children ending up with a gun and either doing catastrophic damage, or threatening to do so. This is tragic news, and always gets the gun control folks in an uproar. I do not believe in either one of these popular clichés, “Guns Kill People…They Should Be Outlawed”, or “Guns Don’t Kill People…Bullets Kill People…Regulate Ammunition – Solve Gun Control”. The fact is; UNEDUCATED people with guns that have bullets in them kill people. There will always be hardened criminals that will use guns to purposefully pose harm to innocent people. Gun control or no gun control will not change that. There will forever be an illegal marketplace in which to purchase weapons for evil purposes. Gun control will not change anything except to deny the constitutional right Americans have to bear arms. We all have a right to bear arms, and should. We deserve the right to hunt, or protect our homes and land. Any decent American should have no problem with registering their firearms, or even being required to keep a log on purchased ammunition.

There is a huge faction of Americans that are either scared to death of guns, or believe die-hardly in NOT having them in their homes. I think that’s fine. Each to his own. But, the same groups of people that lash out against those of us that DO wish to own firearms, and have more than one, need to back off. I and EVERYONE I EVER KNEW growing up as a child in Texas had many guns. Each family had several pistols, a few shot guns, and usually some low risk guns like air pellet guns or B-B guns for minor varmint control. Most men had a couple of guns in their pick-up trucks at all times. A lot of women had a small pistol in the glove box of the car. It was every day life as normal. I was introduced to guns, and began to learn to shoot at around age 6-7. Before that, I was always aware of the guns, and just knew that until I was old enough, they were not to be touched. Guns were not hidden. They were usually locked up, but not in a “top-secret” area of Mom & Dad’s closet never to be seen or talked about.

If children were educated at a very early age about firearms, there would not be the incessant curiosity or awe surrounding them that causes kids to sneak into the closet and play with them, or show them to their friends. The easiest way to guarantee that your child will DO something you told them NOT TO DO, is to make that something vague, and “Just Forbidden”. Without a reason why, kids are determined to figure that out on their own. Now…horrible accidents happen.

Show your kids your guns. Let them watch you clean them. Explain to them WHY you own guns and what you intend to do with them. As soon as they are old enough (and that’s pretty young), take them shooting with you…just one on one. Show the child how to hold a gun, explain the dangers of firearms. Register your kids in a gun-safety class. Take them to a shooting range. Every child is awe-stricken at the violent power of even a small pistol the first time they shoot one. If children are accustomed to their presence in the home, and parents practice a safe storage method; then the guns are “no big deal”, and usually one never contemplates getting out a gun for any ill-gain.

I would have NEVER EVEN THOUGHT about taking one of my parents’ guns off to school. Growing older, still young men still had guns in their trucks. People always have, and always will get into scuffles, get violently mad at someone else, but in Texas…even in bar fights and party brawls…NO ONE EVER goes running for the cars to retrieve any of a hundred or so guns probably on the property. Usually, they beat the shit out of each other in a fist fight and then the winner buys the other a beer. But people do not go around shooting each other, or even making threats with firearms. That is not their purpose. Legally purchased weapons and well educated people are not the problems we have with firearms. Gangs, kids left out of love and education are the kids causing the problems, or the rare few that never really knew and do something stupid with a parents’ firearm. Reconsider your hatred for guns, and re-evaluate your position on gun control. Realize that in the proper setting, guns are not to be feared and proper education will solve much more of these problems than changing constitutional law will do.

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