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Sunday, February 12

Classmates.com - Blast From The Past

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I just received an e-mail from Classmates.com. I signed up on that site years ago when it just started, and was the new rave. However, outside one guy those years ago that dumped me at home due to the “put out or get out rule” (don’t ask me why he bothered an e-mail)… I’ve never heard from anyone. I was recently bored and got an ad-vert from that site and went to “just see”. I saw a few photos of others there (they didn’t used to have that feature), and I posted mine on my old profile.

A girl that was in the class above mine and that I really wasn’t that close to in high school just sent me an e-mail. She had seen my photo, and dropped a line to say hello. Guess what? For some reason, that just made my day. It brought back many memories of home (I live SO far away now and HOME is a tiny town in BFE Texas), and it was nice to be fondly remembered some 20+ years later. It’s not that I didn’t have lots of friends in school, or that I haven’t seen some of them listed on the website…I guess we just don’t know what to say, or who to e-mail so many years later.

If you haven’t been there, or even if you have and just browse and skip over the names… Classmates.com is really pretty cool I now think. I told her that I am going to go back to the site and maybe shoot an e-mail to one or two just to say hello. That website sends out so much “junk e-mail”, and I’ve not been one to look back and keep in touch too much with those so many years ago from high school, but it was really nice to get an e-mail. Take a trip down memory lane, and “reach out and touch” someone from a long time ago. Don’t use the “oh, I don’t want to be first” excuse I’ve used all these years not to send an e-mail from a website.