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Tuesday, February 14

Dick Cheney Says, "Give Me A F***ING Break!

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LOOK AT THE PHOTO ABOVE CAREFULLY! Dick Cheney is calling out to ALL OF YOU to “GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK ALREADY! I posted my first post about his shooting accident in the way I thought all would see it…tragic, but funny.

COME ON PEOPLE… I could not post enough news links to let you in on all the news stories coming of this “not news”. I’m sorry for the poor asshole that decided to go back to pick up his bird and not tell anyone. I’m sorry he got peppered with buckshot. However, the moronic, sappy, bullshit interviews and comments I’ve seen across the broad spectrum of the media by GROWN ADULT men and women has almost made me embarrassed to be an adult American. The way I see well paid news people spin this story is “insert some not yet invented adjective here” at best.

Either own a gun and learn how to shoot, (or act while in the company of others shooting I should say), or just shut up already if you cannot leave the planet in some “Beam-Me-Up-Scotty” scenario.