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Wednesday, February 8

High Morale Exercise - GUARANTEED RESULTS!

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Do you have morale problems at work, in your social club, on your ball team, within your family? I have a GUARANTEED solution that is both fun and very rewarding. The best part? It’s free, and only takes a few moments of your time. This exercise should be operated by ONE manager, owner, or designated person within your organization that can be absolutely trusted.

Write down each employee’s, or person’s name down on a piece of paper, and provide a return envelope that can be sealed. Underneath each name, leave about three lines of space. Hand out this paper to everyone. One ABSOLUTE Rule: Each person is to look at a person’s name, and write a short sentence that describes their favorite and positive thing about them. It can even be one word, but it must be good. DO NOT SIGN YOUR NAME TO YOUR PAPER. THIS IS A TOTALLY ANNONOYMOUS EXERCISE!

The manager of the project will be the ONLY person these papers can be turned in to. That manager then takes each paper from the sealed envelope in privacy and does the following… Using a computer or typewriter, take one piece of paper and put an employees name at the top. Type below each comment that was written about them. Place each person’s paper with the positive comments made about them into an envelope and pass them out to the appropriate owner. It is encouraged that each person reads their paper at a private time… (Inside paychecks is a good place to put them). Using a computer or typewriter prevents small, close groups from being able to “guess the handwriting”.

You will be amazed at how high morale will quickly build. You will also be amazed at how touched you will be when you read the positive things others see within you. I’ve seen this in action, I believe I still have my paper wrinkled and preserved somewhere in my “keepsakes”. Please give it a try, and be sure to let me know your results. Remember, I said GUARANTEED!
NOTE: I have no idea about the book portrayed in the photo above...I just needed a photo resembling high morale...but who knows...probably a good read :)