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Tuesday, February 14

PayPal - Don't Sweat It

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Hey, my readers know, and I hope they live in comfort of the fact that I’m just what I am…a normal run of the mill gal who likes to blog. I’m certainly no techno-geek, but I do consider myself a fairly computer literate consumer. I began to use online financial technology about 10 years ago. I’ve paid my bills online through Check Free Bill Pay for years. I then evolved to E-Bay early on, and so forth and so on. In order to use E-Bay, to make life easier, PayPal was a must. I went through the “pains” to get verified, compromised, proven, registered, sent in my DNA sample and a note from my mother…etc. etc. That venue of payment, while intimidating at the time has proven to be a nice outlet for me as a consumer and also as a seller online.

It seems that Google has a “new venue” on the brink that has PayPal scared. I say relax. As a consumer, if a product works well for me and I have already gone through all the trouble to get “on board” and have had no problems…at least for me… I’m not one to jump on the newest bandwagon just because it’s there. I say Go PayPal…you’ve been a good friend to me, I see no reason to change now.

I do find it funny though to read this article… It seems the CEO’s are getting their panties in a wad, and I find it so funny as a business owner to doubt yourself when you KNOW you already have a good product. PLEASE, CEO’s of the world… don’t believe everything you hear, and if you have a good product, be faithful in it, and if you are worried…fix whatever you think your competition will outweigh you on, and go from there. America is a big place…there is enough to go around for everyone.