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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, February 8

Racial Profiling - I May Not Be Talking To You...

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Tonight, I find a difficult post to write. So…as has been before, may be long winded. Difficult in the sense that I REALLY want to portray the “other – softer” side of me. I think my blog is perfectly titled, Blah Blah Blog – The Soap Box. Some posts are blah blah, and sometimes, I really climb on the soap box. I am NOT a Right Wing Nazi. I am definitely right wing, but not Nazi. Believe it or not, I was raised by a family that was die-hard Democrat. I will save that story for another post.

Racial profiling or distrust of others unlike us is unfortunately inevitable, no matter which side of the fence we stand on. By most definitions, it is white people somehow against black people unfairly, or, since 9-11, any people against Muslims, or assuming all Asian men have small penises, or thinking everyone raised in Texas or the South is a total redneck. The fact that we all have certain characteristics that make us somehow divisible from others, causes natural stereotyping.

I get pretty wound up when discussing the radical Islam terrorist forces. But, I want to go on the record most certainly to say that I do not hate all Middle Eastern people. I don’t hate all blacks. I don’t hate all whites. I HATE ALL SHITTY PEOPLE that cannot follow by the rules set forth by our ancestors and country founders. I hate toothless white trash that cannot accomplish more than a beer and a cigarette hanging from their unbrushed teeth. I hate black gang bangers that scare me and yell out threatening comments when I’m forced to be on a dark street alone. I hate Muslim radicals that try and push their hatred of freedom down my throat. I hate lazy people that continue to have children out of wedlock, or “stump their toe”, get a few stitches and go on disability, and somehow think my tax dollars and my government somehow owe them a living. I hate the idea of anyone that cannot “just get along”. Happiness is a choice, and freedom is the most treasured, invisible thing we will ever hope to have. Success doesn’t come free; wealth is built and comes from diligence and hard work.

The twenty years I spent daily in a large casino environment allowed me to meet and spend time talking at length with people from all over the world. I have an immense respect for all people. All people that try. I am amazed by the cultural stories and beliefs that have been shared with me over the years. Good people come in all shapes and sizes, and all colors. The culmination of all I have learned from so many has molded me into a very karmic soul. I can listen for hours to someone telling me of how they live in a place so far away I can only see in a photograph.

It’s like I tell my 16 employees when we have a “come to Jesus” meeting at the shop. When I stand and yell about many issues facing the company that I want changed…not all of them pertain to you. If I’m yelling and screaming, and stating an opinion…if you didn’t do it, then don’t tuck your head into your turtle shell. I’m not talking to you. But if I do mention something that you know in your heart you are guilty of…listen up. Make a change that will make the team win. A successful company can only thrive if all people involved work as a team. So goes it with the world. We are a team comprised of billions of people all decorated as an individual unique package. I believe that’s how our founding fathers saw it. United we stand, Divided we fall.