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Friday, February 17

Sexual Predators ARE In Your Back Yard

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A recent post I read at Volcanic Sacrifices about a notice from school notifying parents a registered sexual offender had moved into the neighborhood prompted me to post this. Some time ago, I was approached by someone saying, "Check out this website!...You can punch in your zip code and it will tell you all the registered sex offenders living in your neighborhood and what they did!" I laughed, as I live in a really nice area of my city, and it's a family neighborhood. I typed in my zip code, and was appalled to find SIX. Then, we typed in a zip code of a really bad part of the city, AND THE PAGES JUST ROLLED ON AND ON! The most disturbing part of the exercise was finding out how many DUPLICATE entries were on the lists, meaning these people were MULTIPLE CONVICTION OFFENDERS!

I thought I would share the link with all of you. Let's watch out for the kids.
Click here to check your zip code.