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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Friday, February 24

Tag You're It

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I've been tagged! I'm not sure I quite understand the hype of the memes, but I will engage in this fun this time because I absolutely love to read Daydreamer Of Oz. She is well written in her views (which I usually uncannily share). Give her a read.

4 Things I Do Every Morning
1. Hate getting up early for work
2. Check e-mail
3. Stop by Jack-In-The-Box to pick up breakfast for the crew
4. Feed the pets

4 Things That Turn Me Off
1. Cynical negative people that always crack a joke at someone else's expense
2. Bleeding heart liberals
3. People that assume the world owes them everything
4. Bad service or rudeness from strangers

4 Things I Am Afraid Of
1. Spiders, bugs and wierd critters
2. The thought of losing my husband or one of my children
3. Getting too old to function properly
4. The thought of someone like Hilary Clinton being elected to the Presidency

4 Things I Do Everyday
1. Tell my kids and my husband "I Love You"
2. Have a cocktail
3. Spend too much time on my computer
4. Watch TV

4 Things I Want To Have or Do
1. A really bitching dream home
2. Travel to exotic places
3. Enough money to play hard and still leave lots to my kids
4. Be special enough to people to leave a fond memory and place in their hearts

4 People I Want To See
1. My family in Texas
2. My kids as successful adults and someday my grandchildren
3. George W. Bush over a drink and to CANDIDLY pick his brain and share his pain
4. Oprah Winfrey

4 Numbers That Rule My Life
1. Whatever numbers that are at the bottom of my P&L
2. 17
3. 23
4. 69

4 Favorite Colors
1. Purple
2. Blue
3. Yellow
4. Black

Rather than TAG any of you, volunteer if you like and share with me your list. Enjoy. (BTW, this is the first "meme" I've ever participated in, it's not as easy as it looks...requires a bit of thought.) Thanks again Oz Dreamer for the tag:)