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Thursday, March 30

High School - Get A Grip On Yourselves And Give My Son A Grip To Hold On To!

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I am really angry tonight, about this immigration bill proposed, and the protests against it have finally hit me right at home. It has come to my city, and directly to my son’s high school. I am so fortunate that I have two amazing sons. My oldest son is more compassionate, and shares my business mind and the technological side of me. He’s 22 and works for me full time now. So many days he teaches me something, or I’m amazed by our like-mindedness when it comes to our business. My youngest son is quite a history buff, and shares the rebel southern political side of me.

If it’s not enough that this proposed immigration bill that would make it a felony to be illegal in this country should be a “no-brainer”, now they have hit home here in Reno. I have been to several parent-conference meetings over the years because of my youngest son’s bull-headedness, (usually he’s right, but just against the political correct faction of his various grade levels over the years) but today I agree. There will be no parent conference this time (he’s grown older and more responsible), but I agree with him. We generally are watching news and sitting on the couch while he does homework...and today a story came on again over the growing protest about this bill. He had very convicting opinions about his disconcert over the handling of the reaction of some of his classmates. I couldn’t believe what he told me, and now I must rant.

I did not even know that the protests had reached the budding youth of my city, but it has. Over 700, YES, DID YOU READ RIGHT...YES 700 Washoe county STUDENTS...of middle school and high school age, have walked out of school to join the local street marching protests of this bill.

Now, does it surprise me that the local youth would walk out of school to join a protest? NO, students will do just about anything for an excuse NOT to go to class sometimes. My beef is with the school administration. My son has a close friend that is a student aide in the office, and while his group of friends were bitching among themselves about how STUPID they think these protests are, and how they CANNOT BELIEVE that students, some not even old enough to drive could manage to get out of school and get to the protest sites...even went to something so degrading to the way we believe as true Americans...BUT... Guess What? These freaking kids who don’t even have the age or experience to really KNOW what this is all about GOT EXCUSED ABSENCES FOR THEIR MISSED CLASSES. Yes, my son’s high school in a well respected district in this city GAVE PROTESTING STUDENTS EXCUSED ABSENCES for their time missed for a protest. Now granted, this doesn't agree with the published news story, but how often do we see in our adult world that the media doesn't report the true facts. I believe that this kid in the office REALLY knows that the absences were excused, while the linked news article leads to a vague explanation of the truth. The schools do not want any heat from either side of the fence.

I am quite frankly appalled, and cannot believe that the leaders and teachers we entrust our children to for 6 to 8 hours per day could possibly take that “politically correct” stance. For God’s sake people, if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. That is totally the direction our school systems have taken in the past few years. ALL of those students should have been EXPELLED or at least have been given DETENTION for their actions. My son can’t even get away with being late after lunch.