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Wednesday, March 8

Rubber Chicken Road Rage

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Some things you just cannot make up. Some normally bad things can be shown to you in real life in such a way that just creates a defining moment of sorts. A moment in which you know that what you just saw right in front of your own eyes will stick with you forever, and become one of those stories you tell over and over.

On my normally dreadful drive through a particularly hairy portion of rush hour traffic in Reno, I landed myself behind the classic REALLY OLD blue haired lady driving the same Cadillac her husband bought her when he retired 15 years ago. You know the type; her head (including the white bun on top of it) barely rise above the steering wheel, and her hands are white-knuckled to the steering wheel at precisely "10 and 2".

I was creeping onto a traditionally treacherous on-ramp in our "spaghetti bowl". This elderly matriarch had been "accidentally" making her way across the adjacent lane of traffic occasionally, and speeding up then abruptly braking for the time I followed her. As we began the accent of the on-ramp, there are three lanes reduced to two, then one lane increased to two as the on ramp nears the freeway, just becoming one again right before you enter the freeway (don't ask me...I don't head up the planning committee). Some call this the "dead zone".

Well, she encroached upon a really big diesel pickup and made him have to swerve. She quietly swerved back into her own lane like nothing ever happened, staring straight ahead. He was pissed and pulled even with her and revved up his "bad boy sounding power stroke" and went around her. She then turned into "psycho granny" and let the hamsters completely loose in that old Cadillac. She hurried into the left lane and was in hot pursuit of the Dodge while sputtering and smoking. She managed to go around him just in the nick of time to make it onto the freeway in the right lane. The entire time, she wasn't looking at the road, but instead got even with this guy and picked up a rubber chicken from her seat. She was hysterically waving and shaking this chicken at this petrified big man in this pickup truck. She threw it back down in her seat just in time to avoid a crash merging the freeway.

My trip requires me to exit immediately after that, but I don't think I've laughed so hard during rush hour in a long time. I thought this was the funniest form of "Road Rage" I've seen in my lifetime. Of course, it's easy to say now that we all got out alive :)