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Monday, March 13

Russ Feingold - Scary Choice For Democratic Nomination

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Senator Russell Feingold of Wisconsin has been considered by some to be a possible Democratic presidential candidate for 2008. This guy definitely scares me a bit. He is very opposed to the death penalty, and was the lone senator to vote against the renewal of the Patriot Act.

His latest stunt is to put out a call for a formal censure of President George W. Bush. Only one president in the history of the USA has ever been censured, and that was Andrew Jackson in 1834. In later years, his censure was removed from the record. Mr. Feingold feels that Mr. Bush’s wiretapping of possible terrorist radicals is just cause for this censure.

I think this guy is a big shit stirrer, and should be watched very closely and not allowed to win a Democratic party nomination under any circumstances.