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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, April 26

The Comfort Zone - Aggravating - Can't Live Without It

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You might say, “What a strange photo I chose for “The Comfort Zone”. Actually, it fits perfectly. Read on and you will see.

The Soap Box is open tonight to discuss both the aggravation and the wonderment of the Comfort Zone. The Comfort Zone is where we all feel safe. It is our “happy place”. Strangely enough, whether you realize it or not, your comfort zone might change from day to day depending on your mood. If presented with flash cards from the customary image of the “doctor”, one would probably instantly imagine flashes of comfort as a child. If asked to characterize “Comfort Zone” in a split second, I would immediately think of dirt under my feet from my cotton farm back home, or warm white gravy on anything I was eating, or the amazing feel and smell of my infant boys when they were babies. That is a “big picture view” of comfort zone. It encompasses many years of common feelings and immediate responses to the thought of comfort.

Sadly, many people, about one third of the people I meet did not have a happy loving childhood or fond memories of that kind of comfort. To those people, the flash card image of “Comfort Zone” is lavish things or places. One might say in an instant if asked…”a Caribbean beach, a sunny drive in a brand new Mercedes Benz, etc.”. We all enjoy some basic comforts like lazy days with rain hitting the window, the smell of warm clothes from the dryer,…you know and you get the gist.

I think though that many of us in our stressful hurried lives don’t realize that part of our daily stress is the “Aggravation” of the “Comfort Zone”. Yes, the comfort zone can be quite disturbing sometimes. The Comfort Zone is most stressful and moronically disturbing at these points:

I’m bored. We work hard, and you are too tired to ever do anything. Every day, you come home and immediately lie down and don’t want to talk.

Could you please not leave little tiny hair dust in the sink when you shave in the morning? I have to get up and brush my teeth there and see the tiny hairs. Rinse them down the drain!

I’m too chatty? PLEASE, after dealing with business and legal matters and employees and vendors all day…It’s nice to just watch some TV and speak about the show. Can’t we laugh and talk about what the plot is? Why do I have to be quiet and just watch?

Why do we always have time to speak to others, and entertain them, and we never just sit and hold hands and talk to each other. Why is what I have to say boring, and all the men you talk to daily so entertaining?

Why do I not chat with the girls and have fun with them, well because I am not a girly girl and I would rather talk about the game with you guys…

This list could go on and on…but I will stop it short, and thank goodness hubby isn’t up to put his two cents in about me not being “Suzy Homemaker” and how I should lose a little weight, and, well…every man has his list too. My point here is the comfort zone…

I don’t spend enough time with my kids, but every time he plays ball I’m there. One of the greatest joys of my life is watching my children play. A good time always!
Every morning when I get ready for work (hubby leaves early) there is a fresh towel laying on my dresser for the shower.

As mad as we can ever get with each other, if we have a stare down…we will both end up cracking up and laugh.

My oldest son works for me, and every day when he walks into my office, my day is brightened. I am a lucky woman.

My children both spoil their mother in little ways. Oldest always takes my car to fill it up so I don’t have to get out in the weather to do so. My youngest will do the dishes and take out the trash and I don’t have to.

I make more money now at 43 with 2nd husband. We do it together, and now together I can give my boys more than I ever could. I drive a really nice vehicle, and if I want to have a massage, I can afford it.

Sometimes, I get it right. I will put my steak on the BBQ and my steamed artichokes, cheesy mashed potatoes, and steamed asparagus and green bean casserole above anyone else’s. It is our favorite meal, and on family special nights, that is the menu. Without my family, without the effort they all put forth to make us the money and create our reputation in the community, I could do none of it alone. I have my two sons and my husband to thank for that success.

Even at a restaurant (and I didn’t have that pleasure some years in my life) I love a good filet mignon, and asparagus and mashed potatoes. Thus the picture fits perfectly.

I would like to take a moment to THANK my crazy family. I would like to praise them for accepting our crazy lifestyle and loving their mother unconditionally when sometimes I should have my butt kicked. I guess I am conceding that sometimes I bitch about all our nuances, but the fact is...my three guys…CR, ZQ, and KWC are the light of my life, and my true COMFORT ZONE. I couldn’t live without the good times, or the hard times. After all, without rain, no rainbow comes…and grass is NOT greener on the other side of the fence. It’s greenest where it’s watered. I should stay home more and water my grass. I could pour warm white gravy on my beautiful green grass and live forever :)