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Tuesday, April 25

Cry Rape - Do NOT Cry Wolf !

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I’ll mount the soap box tonight to put in my mere two cents worth of opinion on the “Duke” rape scandal. First and foremost, let me say that I BELIEVE NO MEANS NO! As a woman, I certainly believe that NO woman, NO MATTER her place in the community deserves to be TOUCHED IN ANY WAY if she states NO!

That being said, I believe this story is bullshit, and although young jocks at any school may have the tendency to be “assholes of means”…doesn’t give anyone the right to trash their reputations and bring such harsh charges against them based on the probably less than credible statements of a drunken, possibly drugged out stripper.

I really hate the way the media and the “politically correct” crowd spins basic truths. Any one of us that have ever “been around a block or two” knows better. I spent twenty years as a casino dealer. Many of those nights were on high limit tables with high rollers present, and along with their presence comes the presence of whores, strippers, and “ladies of the evening”. Don’t ever believe for one second that a woman “has to strip or perform exotic dancing” just to survive and feed her kids. That’s total good ‘ole fashioned horseshit! I believe that many young women are lured into trying that for the first time because some arrogant asshole owner of an establishment of ill-repute might convince them that they are so beautiful and so talented, that they should try it. I know for a fact that many times when a young lady is making her dancing debut, the establishment owners will arrange for their “over-tipping” so that they are made to believe the money will always be that good. Free alcohol and sometimes drugs are also available to “loosen them up”. The sad truth is that after a time or two of making upwards of $500 per night take-home money that is not easily traced by tax officials makes the whole process hard for some girls to walk away from. It’s money and greed, life in the fast lane, the attention of wealthy men, and simple lack of self esteem that keeps these girls in this lifestyle. Sadly, after a while, many become alcoholics or addicted to the drugs that make the job easier, and THEN, they must KEEP doing it to support their kids AND their HABITS. And then, these same girls want us to feel sorry for them and their social demise.

I have had many conversations over the years with many strippers and whores. Nevada is a place where it’s legal. I know that like it or not, these women do serve a purpose in our society, and as long as there is a demand, there will be a supply. My favorite of these women were the ones that knew exactly what they were doing and had no problem with it. These women are the ones truly good at their chosen profession. They are not over-drinkers, and they are not drug users. They take their $500 to $5000 per night and buy nice homes and nice cars and live a nice lifestyle with the money they make. These are also the rare “professionals of erotica” that you would never pick out of a crowd at a grocery store, or at the park with their kids on a weekend afternoon. They keep their jobs private, and live as normally as possible when off duty.

I also know these facts to be true. I have been at a party where strippers were hired. Hell, I even hired a stripper once for my husband’s birthday party. No one out there should try to be so innocent. When hiring a stripper, it goes beyond a simple phone call and a flat fee and a performance. My experience hiring a stripper was very basic. I did pay a fee; she showed up for about 20 minutes and embarrassed the hell out of my husband. We all laughed, she took her money, we bought her a drink and she left. I have also been present at parties where the rules and options were different. Don’t kid yourselves…for a price; these girls will do just about anything. A hundred dollar bill will get you very far. However, the girls must be beautiful, talented, and have their act together. Nothing pisses off a man worse than to have shelled out an exorbitant amount of money for a crappy stripper. In these cases, the girls are usually ushered out upon arrival, and most likely not paid at all. In worse cases, a few nasty words are exchanged, the girls are belittled a bit, and still the same result…gone and not paid, or certainly not tipped.

I have a very good idea that these kids at Duke spent a lot of money to hire a couple of strippers for their party, and upon arrival, when the girls showed up intoxicated and acting cheap and tawdry with no exotic class, they were pissed. I imagine they kicked the girls out and didn’t pay them what they thought they were going to make. In her intoxicated state, I imagine the little lush tried to “wile her charms” upon the boys to try and make up for her lack of talent and ability to perform a good show. When that didn’t work and the girls were verbally embarrassed or harassed, the story changed a great deal. I would even be willing to bet that the girl thought by accusing some rich kids from Duke, and playing the “oh feel sorry for drunk little ‘ole me” card, she might score some high dollar “under the table – keep your mouth shut” money. Strippers are notorious for extorting men upon threat of publicizing their evil deeds and taste for the wild side. It’s also usually successful for an extra few hundred dollars. I don’t think this young woman had any clue this story would break into a national scandal and such publicized “dirty laundry”. Now that the cat is out of the bag, she’s stuck in trying to prove it.

I certainly hope this young woman was NOT unduly harmed. That would be a travesty. However, you cannot expect to drink excessively, wear hardly any clothing, and rub your almost naked body over a bunch of also drunk partying young men and expect to be treated like a lady. Strippers, when on duty, are NOT ladies. They are exhibiting their womanly taunts for money. They know full well that the nastier they act, the more money they will make.

In my casino years, even the cocktail waitresses used to crack me up in their stupidity concerning manners. Many of them would bitch to no end about the way men looked at them, and things men would say to them while wearing such scant attire. But, then again, if they would be in the casino on a day off, or if you would see them around town…there they were in shorty shorts, and halter tops and matching high heel shoes. Then they would get all offended if someone commented in a sexy manner to them as if they were not appreciated as women and never treated like a lady should be. HELLO…wear some clothes and act like a lady and you will be treated as such. My father always taught me that it is truly sexier to a man if SOMETHING is left to the imagination when looking at a woman and her outfit. My mother would have never let me out of the house dressed like a stripper. It really angers me that the rest of us have to suffer at the hands of dumb women who don’t get it. Get a clue ladies…if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, 99% of the time IT’S A DUCK! If you were not RAPED in the true sense of the definition, then DO NOT make accusations. If it proves out that this woman was truly raped, I will be the first to make a public apology, but my advice to her remains the same. Put some clothes on and get a real job. Clean up your life and become the lady you want people to think you are.