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Monday, May 8

Patrick Kennedy - Drama King

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I’m SOOOO shocked! Another drug addicted, memory deprived, depressed Kennedy! Who keeps voting members of this family into office! Gee, he had an accident that he doesn’t remember. He does remember that he took a Phenergan, but doesn’t remember if he took an Ambian. He can’t remember waking up that morning, but does remember a female “friend” was over in the wee hours of the morning and tried to discourage him from getting into his vehicle. He definitely does remember that he did not have anything to drink that night, but doesn’t remember the circumstances surrounding the cause of his accident. Now he’s playing the “feel sorry for me” card confessing prescription drug addiction and long struggles with depression over his years in public service. What a bunch of hypocritical load of crap! The apple definitely does not fall far from the Ted tree. Kennedy, the most cursed family in the USA..., oh yeah...God helps those that help themselves...that explains a lot.

Now, poor Patrick must make yet another trip to rehab. I must say, this family is a big bunch of drama kings. The messes this family has made, and yet they profess to have our nation’s best interest at heart. This article cracked me up, and I believe best portrays the real situation.