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Friday, June 23

Darren Mack In Custody - Hope He Dies

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Darren Mack, wanted for the gruesome murder of his estranged wife and for shooting the judge presiding over his divorce case was extradited today from Puerto Vallarta Mexico. He was recently spotted beside a swimming pool at the posh resort, and made his own arrangements to turn himself in.

This guy is a complete tool, and any man that could brutally murder the mother of his child in cold blood in the garage of their lavish home, and then become a sniper in a parking garage hoping to murder the judge who ordered child support payments he was unhappy with deserves to die. It’s too bad that our death penalty laws cannot morally provide the person to die in exactly the manner in which he took a life. I personally think he should be shot from a window at the jail in a non-fatal manner, and then have his sorry ass drug to the very garage where he murdered his daughter’s mother and be thrown into her blood stain and stabbed to death the same way he took her life.

Thank goodness the case has come to a close without further damage to anyone else. And, thank goodness I am not in charge of his demise, I wouldn’t give him the time of day, just gone. Another loser bites the dust. Maybe now, this man that so enjoyed “alternative lifestyle” sex parties will enjoy the new alternative lifestyle ahead of him in prison. Maybe he can become Scott Peterson’s little bitch.

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