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Wednesday, July 26

WAR - My Thoughts - HAVE BALLS - Eliminate Evil

There is no photo of war, only me…the black cat on the soap box tonight… please read. And, if you so wish to know more of me, also read the post below…

My thoughts on this war, or wars as it has become… I have not posted anything regarding the Israeli conflict or Iraq, or any other military engagement for some time, as my feelings are so mixed.

I’m so sick of it all. I’m 43 years old, and die hard in my beliefs regarding war and when it should happen and how serious it should get. I battle my own knowledge, as in today’s world my knowledge shows me that I am SO GLAD I’m not the one leading the pack. Then again, maybe I and many others who agree with me should be in the lead.

My Christianity and my spirituality at my age has led me to a peaceful place whenever possible as that is the true happiness. However, my knowledge as an adult having graduated with at least a bachelor’s degree in the school of hard knocks, if not a PHD, has shown me that when it comes to right and wrong, the gray area dissipates, and black is black and white is white. Religion is such a formal word. I profess to be a Southern Baptist. That is my religion. However, life has taught me that my religion is only something I write on a piece of paper when I check into the hospital, or talk to someone about what will happen to my corpse when I die, and which “religious” method I wish to be associated with. Religion is just a textbook. My textbook is the Bible. Others have different pieces of written and bound books that lead them. The truth is that none of us need a book or a tablet to live in a religious way or to be spiritual. I believe that it is better if you read the Word of your choice and learn from others’ teachings…but all religions teach the age of countenance. That is the time in anyone’s life in which they truly know right from wrong. It’s biological. We all have that “thing” inside of us that clues us in when we are on the wrong path, or the “feeling” we get when we KNOW we’ve done right.

Peace and love is what makes life work properly. However, there are times when good must out-do evil. Religion, or spirituality, or that “thing” we GET when we reach the age of countenance is also the “thing” that brings out the brutal honesty in each of us when conflict is the only way out, and the only way to preserve what is good in the world. Whether you are a believer or not, I can guarantee you that there is something in this universe that will allow GOOD to dominate over EVIL always. I AM REITTERIATING….ALWAYS. I cannot explain it. I would suppose in darkest times of my life I may have even doubted it. But, good always DOES reign over evil…thank God. Goodness is what makes the world turn. It makes us successful, happy, in love, and better as humans…whatever color our skin may be, or whatever spiritual belief we may have. It’s like the sun coming up, and then again going down. It will always happen, and it should.

We are in very difficult times. It’s even possible that we are on the verge of World War III. I’m scared this time. I’m scared that in our great USA we have lost our balls. World War I and World War II were both horrible conflicts, but at least we had the balls to do what was necessary. We had founding fathers and laws and true convictions that led us to victory that made the world better, even through terrible destruction and horrible loss of life. Today, we are too nice. The liberal world has forgotten what we really stand for. The people that threaten us today have FAR MORE CONVICTION in their EVIL that we have in our GOOD. That my friends is a DANGEROUS PLACE FOR US ALL TO BE.

In every photo we see on TV of the other country’s armies, they march in the streets in perfect unison. They appear as HUGE squares of perfectly marching people so determined to accomplish their cause (When do we ever see our forces trying to preserve good march the streets?). There are also a few huge squares of small children also marching in unison carrying AK rifles, or big guns or posters depicting proud intent to kill our way of life. People, we have to stop worrying about the civilian deaths. The civilian children are marching proudly to convey to us that they are growing up to become militants. The radical factions in many Middle Eastern countries are basing their whole lives on some way to eliminate our way of order and common life. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization. Of course they spread the money among their poor to make them seem to be a good cause. Our own Democrats spend and give excessively to the poor to bring them to their side. They do not teach the people how to make it on their own, nor do they force their people to do what they can for themselves before they give it to them.

We are folding among ourselves to accomplish only political correctness, which is only a euphemism for sweeping under the carpet what we USED TO BELIEVE.

There is going to have to be some kicking of ass and taking of some names on many levels to make our world come back to peace. Remember…GOOD WILL ALWAYS OUTWEIGH EVIL… however; you must ALL also TAKE THIS TO HEART… In order for GOOD to outweigh EVIL…EVIL MUST BE CONFRONTED, AND THAT DOES NOT MEAN TALKED ABOUT OR DIPLOMATICALLY RESOLVED…IT MEANS CONFRONTED.

I am praying today like I haven’t in a long time regarding our world affairs. I pray for the people making the decisions. I pray for the brave men and women carrying out the necessary in all walks of life and in all countries whether they volunteered or they have no choice. If handled properly, good will reign, and peace will come. All involved must have very large balls, and no consideration of what the media will say or what others think. It must be a concerted effort to be heads down and determined to eliminate the evil, at whatever conceived cost.