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Tuesday, August 1

CITGO Gasoline - DON'T BUY

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I’m not usually a huge proponent toward activism, but as the months go by, both these people just boil my blood. Together, and separately as they both continue to spill their bad rhetoric around the country, I’m afraid I can no longer purchase Citgo gasoline. It’s an easy boycott for me, as there are sometimes stations on all four corners of a busy intersection almost, or at least many choices down one block. It’s bad enough that domestic oil companies make billions, but at least that’s free enterprise. I refuse to give any of my money to the nut job president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela through the purchase of gasoline from a company he owns. The gall of Cindy Sheehan a few months back to allow a man who professes to wish death to America to put his arm around her for a photo op is really unnerving to me. And now that Iran has given Hugo Chavez its highest award, I won’t even allow the tires on my Chevy Tahoe to touch the cement parking lot of any Citgo convenience store. I urge my fellow Americans to follow suit.