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Tuesday, August 29

Whitney Rodriguez - Singing For A Chance

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This is Whitney Rodriguez. Her mother Glenda is trying hard to promote her daughter's spawning singing career. Whitney is 12 years old and exploring a singing career. She has competed in her first big competition, and her Mom would appreciate a vote, and the top prize is $50,000 which would go a long way towards her college.

My son is a senior football player this year, and we are all over video and play stats, and college combines, etc. I totally understand the love and effort we put into our children's achievements. I will never be able to measure any success in my life to the joy and success of the priviledge of having and loving my two sons. As we rednecks say..."Every old crow believes her's is the blackest!" After all, in this life, it IS ALL ABOUT THE KIDS.

Glenda read my blog, and reached out to ask for a bit of promotion for her daughter. Hey, I'm a mother, why not? I'll give any deserving kid a spot at Blah Blah Blog - The Soap Box. Glenda simply asked, "If you feel the performance is deserving, please click THIS LINK and give her daughter a listen. Whitney is #59 at THIS LINK, and if you click on the "VOTE HERE - Voting Ballot Popup" link above the photos, you may post a vote for #59 Whitney Rodriguez. Any 12 year old with the balls to get up and perform to her best gets a vote of mine. I clicked, and I voted. Hey, we ARE in election times... I guarantee you it gave me more pleasure to vote for Whitney than it did to have to choose over some in our latest REAL primary!!