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Thursday, September 28

Anthony Ray Stockelman Tattoos Victims Name On Forehead

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The life sentence this sick and twisted individual is serving is far too good for him in my opinion. Anthony Ray Stockelman, 39 who was convicted for the molestation and murder of a 10 year old girl named Katie has managed to tattoo "Katie's Revenge" across his forehead.

State of Indiana prison officials are puzzled as to how the inmate was even able to accomplish this feat, and also how a photo could be taken inside prison walls and allowed outside.

I say if we had given this crazy bastard the big needle like he deserved, we wouldn't have to feed him or worry about how he managed to tattoo his brainless head in the first place.


Aunty Belle said...

Mercy!! Malinda, Lordy, but the world is outa whack! hate ter mark meself as a "holy roller" but when ya see's this kinda thang, does mmake ya' worry that demons has been loosed uon us...but tht would be irrational, huh?