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Friday, September 1

Diesel Demons 4-2 - A Karmic Loss

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Tragedy strikes the Diesel Demon squad. After a game start with officials meeting with both teams, the Hippity Hoppers were a couple of people short at game time, and the officials stated that we could ask them to forfeit. Our team leaders stated, "We "came to play"... we'll give the Hoppers a few minutes to see if more players can show up... no forfeit necessary".

Well, a couple of players showed up indeed. When the Demons could have won by forfeit... it turned sour this time and we got slaughtered "something like" 28-8. I didn't catch the scoreboard at the game end, but it was ugly. :)

I am still VERY PROUD of my Demons, and after all...it's all for fun and fun we will have again next week. Maybe our kindness will pay off in the next few games. We were tied for 1st place in the league going into this game, and hopefully the other teams will incur a loss or two also, and the standings will be untouched.

We decided not to hang our heads, and just take a crazy photo and chalk this one up to "one of those nights".