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Wednesday, September 27

Hank Williams Jr. Will Stand Trial For Assault

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‘Ole Bocephus has landed himself in some hot water. A waitress from Peabody Hotel has
accused him of assault
after she claims he shouted obscenities at her and choked her. A grand jury has decided it’s enough to stand trial. Although Hornbeak’s parents hired a lawyer and has demanded $250,000 from Hank Williams Jr., Ms. Hornbeak states this case is not driven by money.

If convicted, Hank could face 11 months and 29 days in jail and be hit with a $2500 fine. I’m truly sorry for this young lady if she was truly assaulted by a celebrity, but my gut tells me this chick must have done something tragically obnoxious to have provoked the famous singer who’s 57 years old to come at her. And, doesn’t Holly Hornbeak sound like she should be the girlfriend of Foghorn Leghorn? Let’s see…1 year in jail, and $2500 or give a waitress a quarter million dollars… gee… the jail sentence might be the better choice. Perhaps Bocephus should give up “getting rowdy tonight”.