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Tuesday, September 19

Willie Nelson & Friends Arrested With Drugs... No... Say It Ain't So!

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Are you guys shocked? Willie Nelson was arrested with marijuana and mushrooms. OH PLEEAAASSEEE… can we leave Willie alone already too! Willie Nelson has been smoking pot since dirt was a baby. And I’m sure at the age of 73, he’s probably using the mushrooms to “ease his bowel” or something.

I’ll take some heat for the following statements I’m sure… but Willie is to me what a lot of people thought of Elvis Presley. I grew up on Willie’s music, I’ve sat front row at a few concerts, hell… I even met him briefly once. He is an icon of country Americana, and with all his troubles and woes (right or wrong), he’s one of my country heroes. I’m even one of those people that doesn’t see why with all the other crap in this world that is legal and is HORRIBLE, we’ve never managed to legalize the “peace pipe”. I just cannot fathom a “stoned” Muslim taking the time or putting out the effort to blow anything up! Marijuana is the drug of peace and munchies.

This story should be titled “The Geriatric Drug Bust”… Willie Nelson is 73. They also arrested his sister Bobbie who’s 75…Tony Sizemore, 59…Gates Moore, 54, and David Anderson, 50. Each was issued a misdemeanor citation and released. Can’t you just see Bobbie going home to have to tell the Great Grandchildren that “Grannie got popped for weed”? Too funny. What’s NOT funny though, is if you or I had 1.5 pounds of marijuana and a bag of mushrooms, we’d have been thrown UNDER THE JAIL!

Toby Keith (another country idol and total BABE) wrote a hilarious song "I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again". Click the link in the song title and scroll down a notch or two and click the "listen" button next to the title. Let's all sing along and dedicate this to Willie today :)