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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, October 31

Funny Signs

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OH, there just HAD to be a political scandal in there somewhere! :)

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Let's hang this sign on the 700 mile fence! We will solve even MORE problems with this philosophy. :)

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Bob Barker should have re-phrased his token speech by a few words. :)

Lemon Law Advice - FREE

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LemonLawFirms.org is a fantastic resource for advice for people that have purchased a "lemon" car. Uneducated consumers are often not familiar with their rights or the options available to them when they've purchased a car that is in bad repair. This site offers lemon law codes by state, and users can find local lemon law code and law firms here, and search out a lemon law attorney by zip code. Protect yourself, fight back when you have been screwed on the sale of a bad vehicle that needs many repairs :)


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Senator John Kerry made a speech recently in front of a crowd of college students. I actually heard this speech on the radio coming into work this morning. I have to admit, when I heard him make this statement, “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don't, you get stuck in Iraq," my mouth dropped. I could not believe someone who feels he won the Presidency of the USA, and was then “cheated” out of it, someone who is considered a favored “leader” of the Democratic Party would say anything so insensitive. I heard the speech BEFORE the statement, and the context of the speech AFTER the statement. People weren’t laughing…and then after a second or two of silence…a rare few chuckles were heard, but I think even the audience was shocked.

At THIS LINK, the video can be seen of John Kerry’s speech after the fact in which he claims, “I APOLOGIZE TO NO ONE!”. He claims the statement about education was a botched joke about the President, George Bush, and he will NOT APOLOGIZE for ANYTHING he says about Bush or his failure as a president. Well, I think John Kerry owes an apology. Even if, the apology is for pure stupidity. Any American in the spotlight such as himself should NOT go in public running his mouth in such a tasteless way. I’m so glad he DIDN’T WIN the presidency, there’s enough purely stupid people in Washington already.

PayPerPost.com - FREE Wedding In VEGAS

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OK…ATTENTION LOVERS AND FIANCES…here’s a once in a lifetime chance to do something really crazy and fun! PayPerPost.com is looking for a Postie couple in love that wants to get married VEGAS STYLE - IN LAS VEGAS, NV all on them. YES…you heard it…ABSOLUTELY FREE! (No vow renewals…a genuine wedding…it may be a second wedding, just the first with this mate).

The offer is for a complete payperpost wedding: the wedding license, and ceremony, one night’s hotel stay at a Las Vegas PREMIUM hotel, $1000 dollars cash to spend ANY WAY YOU LIKE, and here’s the CRAZY FUN PART… Your wedding will be taped and played ON THE INTERNET IN LIVE STREAMING VIDEO / AUDIO! It’s kind of like you can elope, but all your friends and family can log onto the internet and be a part of your crazy day. Come on…get hitched PPP Style!

So this time, and this time only (WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS…WILL NOT STAY IN VEGAS)

Monday, October 30

2006 Mid-Term Elections - The Year Of The SCANDAL

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Thank goodness elections will be OVER in a few days. I can’t WAIT! I don’t know about where YOU live, but where I LIVE the political advertising is just ridiculous on both sides of the fence. My goodness, if there is ANY TRUTH in ANY of these crazy ads, these men and women should all be in prison, not running for office!

On a national level as well, there have been scandals galore in both parties. Mark Foley, William Jefferson, Don Sherwood, Barney Frank, Charles Taylor, and Sandy Berger just to name a mere few. Why don’t we know MORE ABOUT our political candidates and people running our country? Real truth, not just some crap an opponent pays a publicist to throw up on TV that maybe has a hint of truth at best contained within.

I was visiting with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in some time this weekend, and we were discussing all this “stuff”, and this dawned on me. She and I were both casino dealers for years. As such, we were periodically subject to a background check, fingerprinting, credit checks, and FBI checks. She has since left the business and so have I. I left to become a business owner, and she now is a school bus driver. As such there, she was subject to another FBI check, and checks for past criminal behavior with children. We demand such background checks and scrutiny for all day care centers. Most of us as business owners subject our employees to drug checks and background reference checks.

If this is all necessary for all of us average laypeople…wouldn’t it seem appropriate to REQUIRE THE SAME FROM THE PEOPLE RUNNING OUR DAMN COUNTRY! I think we should all check out these people in charge of all of us a little closer. Demand proof from them. And, we should demand before the next election that NO NEGATIVE BULLY ADS WILL BE TOLERATED AT ALL FROM EITHER PARTY. I have had to spend countless hours researching each of my local candidates on the internet this election. I have had to recheck their recorded voting records to find out what they really believe in. From ads on television, print, and the radio…I have no clue what any of our candidates stand for, or what issues that will affect me they can help with. All I know is what one is tattling on the other for and vice versa. I’M SICK OF IT ALL!

Various “experts” from both aisles testify that negative advertising works. I don’t believe it does. I DO BELIEVE it stirs up more negative conversation among constituents, it stirs up more controversy, and it causes people NOT TO VOTE because they are overwhelmed and believe that only creeps and criminals run for office. It only does what Washington NEEDS TO GET AWAY FROM DOING….ACCOMPLISHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Need Speedy Cash - Now - Get It Online

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I have been amazed, wondered about, and cannot believe the "fast cash" stores have popped up all over town. And, they are always busy. Who needs money that bad?... Well... if YOU need an Instant Payday Loan Online, NOW YOU CAN GET IT ONLINE! What will they come up with next?

Pissed Off & Pissed On - What Are We Fighting For

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We’ve all heard that old saying, “It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on!” Well, I’m not sure. I can never say THANK YOU often enough, or send enough love to our great American soldiers that continue to fight for our freedom. Photos like these make me wonder sometimes what we are truly fighting for. While a child may not know better, this “piss poor photo” sure reminds us of the attitude of the Islamofascist regime that we are trying to free the Iraqi people from. Thank you GI’s and may God be with you each day!

Handy Household Hints - Get Help Here!

Whether your husband is just “NOT Tool-Time-Tim”, or you are a single gal doing it all on your own, we all need great advice and tips on repairs and maintenance. Even if you know how to do a lot, maybe you just need some extra ideas on color schemes, or paint choices. Maybe you need a guide on how “often” we need to do the regular maintenance chores. Handy Household Hints is a great website giving tips for home, boat, and car owners who need small home repairs. There is great advice and instructions on “Do-It-Yourself (DIY)” remodeling, home makeover ideas, painting & wallpapering, and help with decks & flooring. AND…speaking of “makeover” for your home, you may register at this site for an AMAZING $50,000 EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER.

Find help with automobiles, carpentry & framing, cleaning, decks & porches, electrical, flooring & carpet, painting & refinishing, pest & rodent control, plumbing, safety, tools & gadgets, and yard & landscaping. This is also a great site for renters who need to fix minor problems those stingy landlords aren’t willing to pay for! Let Handy Household Hints save you tons of money and teach you to DIY! Imagine your pride in work you created while you performed your home repair... and you did all by yourself :)

McQueen Lancers 4th Place - Playoff Games Begin

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Well, the “Mighty” McQueen Lancers end the regular season in an uncharacteristic 4th place in the High Desert League. I must say that it has been a disappointing season. We were close again to victory again last Friday night, losing by only one point, caused by a blocked PAT in final seconds of the game…again. Four or five kids cannot win a game alone. I don’t see each player giving 100% on every play of the game. The little split seconds of inattention or “not taking it seriously enough” have cost the Lancers dearly this year. That and coaching calls to run the ball right up the middle every single first and second down of almost every game. We’ve been too predictable, and not diligent enough. However, the kids have ONE MORE CHANCE to get it together and prove to be the team they can be.

We will hit the road this Friday to play in the first round of playoffs against Douglas High School in Minden, NV. Without a win this week, most of our seniors will never have an opportunity to wear a uniform again and step onto the field of battle. I know many of the starting seniors that do pour their hearts out every play, and I am hoping for them a grand victory to move on another step toward a championship. This team can do it, no grand finale ever comes easy, but they can do it. Good luck Lancers, and a special wish of luck to my favorite #77 :) Spoken very well by LancerFan.com (who provide these great photos)…give it your all every one of the 2,880 seconds of this game, and victory will be yours.

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And...OHHH!... Can I please give some extra kudos to the AMAZING CHRIS CARR...for this weekend's INCREDIBLE 100 YARD RUN BACK in the Oakland Raider vs. Pittsburgh Steeler game. Chris Carr is a McQueen Lancer alumni (a STATE CHAMPION LANCER TEAM), and we are SO PROUD TO HAVE YOU as the home town boy that has "made good". GREAT JOB CHRIS...I know your Mama's eye leaked as she was standing up cheering you on saying, "That's MY BABY". Great play and so many stood in our own home town living rooms happy for you to make that great play!

Friday, October 27

Trivia - Fun Facts - Get It Here

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Come on…admit it…we all love trivia. Trivia is entertaining, informative, interesting, and certainly a never ending conversation piece at parties, bars, or places we all get stuck sometimes with a bunch of people we don’t know. I call it being a “Stuff Knower”, and EVERYBODY needs to be a stuff knower! The more “Stuff” you know, the more fun you can be.

I have found a really cool site to study up on your stuff. There are lots of fun facts over at Aviva Trivia Blog. Find trivia categories in Animals, Astronomy, Clothing, Facts, Food, History, Holidays, Locations, Makeup, and Nature. I definitely recommend this nice trivia site to my readers and anyone wishing to know more stuff :)

So Long Texas - Hello Mexico

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I for one, am THRILLED that President Bush signed the bill Thursday to build a 700 mile fence along our US / Mexican borders. The only problem I see with this bill is that the fence will NOT GO AROUND THE ENTIRE USA!

The amazing guys at the Minuteman Project have already begun building some fenced areas, and are bringing in high-tech equipment never before seen in the United States. Donated technology being used in Arizona was originally developed for the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) of the Korean peninsula.

All seriousness aside though, the point of this post is Johnny Tex & The Texicans. This band has written a very comical song in old Marty Robbins style called So Long Texas – Hello Mexico. Click on the song title for a chuckle and sing along. This song is said to be getting quite a bit of radio time in Waco, TX. Good luck Johnny, hope you guys hit it big!!

Haunted Places

A reader, Michelle, sent me an e-mail, and suggests these hot HAUNTED spots for Halloween... (I've actually been to the Greathouse at Rosehall in Montego Bay, Jamaica...IT IS AMAZING...AND SO BEAUTIFUL THERE).

13 Real Haunted Places To Make You Cry For Mommy

13 Haunted Houses That Will Make You Wet Your Pants

KeepYouSafe - Online Safety Deposit Box

Now here’s a new idea that is probably a great idea. No doubt many people who survived Katrina, recent raging wildfires, or other similar disasters could have used this service. KeepYouSafe.com is an Online Safe Deposit Box . This company will store scanned copies of your important documents, i.e. insurance policies, passport, birth certificates, credit cards, wallet items, etc. In the event of a bad storm or flood, you can log online from anywhere and access information that may have been lost. The data is even mirrored at a server in multiple countries just in case. A small box is available free for one year, and larger boxes may be had for about $3 per month. This could be invaluable if you are ever in a situation where you have lost or stolen items, or find yourself needing to rebuild your life suddenly due to a disaster.

Thursday, October 26

McQueen Lancer Loss - Not End Of Season

Well, in my many seasons as a “football Mom”, this year is my most exciting, and yet my most taxing. It’s #77’s senior year. Nobody really knows that but me, and our few friends and family. But I KNOW the WHOLE history of this young man’s career. I know that since he was 7 years old, he’s donned a football uniform and has hit the field. When he was 7, I just thought he was cute…but after a season or two, I realized his talent and dedication to the game.

Last week’s game proved to be a true heartbreaker for him. It’s no secret that McQueen High School has a tradition of winning, and it’s no secret that this year’s team has struggled. But it’s amazing to me that with all the years of accolades and championships, that rather than promote a great school, team, and coach, we are the “team everyone loves to hate”. We get HORRIBLE press coverage, AND we consistently get HORRIBLE officiating. I’m not saying that as a prejudiced fan…I’m saying that as a genuine football fan coming from a heritage of “Friday Night Lights” country of West Texas. When our team is on top and headed for a championship, we get TV highlights with all the other teams scores and kudos, and a blurb at the end stating, “…and McQueen won ___ to ___.” And, when we lose…the local media LOVES to rub it in. It’s OK, our kids know that we are what we are…the team with the most discipline and a coach that is the most winning in the state of Nevada.

Our kids played this last week with heart and heavily unfavored to win. I do have to say, even though it didn’t turn out the way we would have liked, this might have been one of the best games I’ve ever watched in the four years I’ve been involved in McQueen football. From the sheer perspective of a football fan, this was an exciting game to watch. It was nip and tuck until the end. Unfortunately, in the last 16 SECONDS of the game, the Reed Raiders kicked a field goal to win. What really burned me was this media quote from Freddy Bernal, Raider SENIOR kicker, “This is my first year playing football. I’ve never experienced anything like this.” Not to take anything away from this young man’s success of that night, but HIS FIRST YEAR! This game (we would have won but for a touchdown called back) was the chance for some of our kids to have a senior league championship after having played for a DECADE. Eight of our starting players have played together on the same team since Pop Warner / SYFL. I don’t think coaches, fans, or media reporters REALIZE that when you are 17 years old, and you’ve played the game for 10 (TEN-DECADE) years, that IS your whole life. Most boys don’t remember a lot before 7 years of age, so in your senior year of football, it’s pretty much been your ENTIRE life. People see these kids “disappointed” or see some fans in tears, and think we are “too emotional”… a decade ending in a loss at the height of your “career” is pretty big. Why doesn’t the media ever think about that?

What I don’t like is the fact that everybody around here likes to be politically correct. Not ONE of our covered media stations will have the nerve to state that the officials were BAD. Not one mentioned the fact that we HAD THE GAME WON with a touchdown that was called back by a non-existent holding penalty. I video taped the entire game, and I’ve rewound it over and over, and sorry…bad call. But nobody talks about those things. And believe me…if we would have won over a bad call, I’d be the first one to print it and admit to it. In 10 years of “personal football”, I’ve seen calls go both ways.

We are still headed for the playoffs… and I’m looking forward to this week’s game. This will be MY night. It will be senior night, and I will have the pleasure to walk onto the gridiron wearing my son’s jersey, receive a rose, and culminate a decade of dedication and hard work and celebrate one of the two main reasons I live. I am so proud of #77, and I will walk tall and proudly be escorted on that field, and try hard to keep my eyes dry. My oldest son will be in the stands to video tape the “event”. I also cannot wait for my photo of myself and my #77’s girlfriend BOTH wearing his jersey. High school is too fun, and each week, his gal wears his jersey in the stands. This will be the only week in #77’s history that TWO women will wear his jersey on one night. (Aren’t us football chicks weird…even at age 43?)

Gee…I feel like Ms. McNabb…anyone want some Chunky Campbell’s Soup???? Here’s some photo highlights (again pirated from our amazing staff at LancerFan.com)…Enjoy.

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Wednesday, October 25

Frightworld The Movie - World Premier - Williamsville, NY

OK Halloween freaks and ghouls…here’s your chance to do it up New York Style! I think this is for the younger crowd set of folks…I’d say from 21-35…who love Halloween and are tired of mundane neighborhood Halloween parties. This ad reminds me of the ancient hype of Rocky Horror The Picture Show of my day. But hey, I’ve been to see Rocky Horror more than once, and while not SCARY, it is a cult classic. For those wanting to get in on a premier that could be the next classic…this might be fun if you live in New York.

Frightworld Haunted Amusement is considered one of the top 13 scream parks in the USA. This special Halloween event offers a movie premier, AND live music by 13 FREAKY PUNKY BANDS…(seems the number 13 appears a lot on Halloween…adds to the mystery)… Bands participating are: Marazene, Any Question, Obomatic, Punch Drunk, Imbued Vagary (nice name…don’t have a clue of the music…I’m too old), Machine Gun Symphony / Charlie Drown, Synthetic Dream Foundation (another nice name), Darker Days Tomorrow, Apikorism, Sick Machine, Abandcalledpain (sad but cool presentation of name), Tearwave, and SANITY.

This event will be held on October 31, 2006 at Frightworld The Dark Amusement / 8075 Sheridan Drive / Williamsville, NY 14221. Doors open at 6pm, Red Carpet Walk Of Stars at 7pm, Screening of Frightworld The Movie at 7:30pm, and a Tour Of Frightworld’s 5 (FIVE) Haunted Houses at 9:30pm, and Live Music By SANITY at MIDNIGHT. Tickets are available NOW FrightWorld The Movie World Premiere for $23, and $25 the day of the show.

See sexy Kamilla “Katexenna” Kova, the star of Frightworld The Movie, and meet Dina Cataldi, Tiffany Scott, and other assorted Frightworld Scream Queens at this event. You can meet the producer and director David R. Williams and meet the Frightworld FX team.

At the link above, there is a brief and “not enough to leave alone” 30 second preview of this movie, and crime scene photos depicting what I am assuming to be “clips” of what’s to be in the film. Promoters call this “Friday The 13th Meets The Shining”… If any of my readers go, please come back and let me know if all this hype proved to be the real deal :)

Sunday, October 22

Bambi & Thumper

I was sent these photos via e-mail. I thought I'd try to find out about the photographer. This was all I could find...

Tanja Askani is a wildlife photographer. She is from Germany I think, all websites I can find of her are German, but here are some amazing photos she captured of “Bambi & Thumper”. A lot of her work deals with wolves and bears. Google her if you like, the photos are amazing even if we cannot read the text :)

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The Rules Of Texas

People give us Southerners a bad rap sometimes, but all in all, we really are not a bad bunch. Someone sent me these rules, and as a native West Texan, I feel compelled to share. If you come to our great state of Texas, you are welcome…just follow a few simple rules.

Rules of Texas:

1. Pull YOUR DROOPY PANTS UP! You look like an idiot!

2. It's called a "gravel road" for a reason. It's made of dirt and gravel. I drive a truck because I want to. You will get dust on your Lexus, drive it or get out of my way

3. They are cattle & oil wells. That's what they smell like to you (BAD). They smell like money to us. Get over it. Don't like it? I-20 and I-10 go east and west, I-35 goes north and south. Pick one.

4. So you have a $60,000 car. We're impressed. We have $250,000 cotton strippers that are driven only 3 weeks a year.

5. So every person in every pickup waves. It's called being friendly. Try to understand the concept.

6. If that cell phone rings while a bunch of doves are coming in, we WILL shoot it out of your hand! You better hope you don't have it up to your ear at the time.

7. Yeah, we eat catfish & crawfish. You really want sushi & caviar? It's available at the corner bait shop.

8. The "Opener" refers to the first day of deer season. It's a religious holiday held the closest Saturday to the first of November.

9. We open doors for women. That is applied to all women, regardless of age.

10. No, there's no "vegetarian special" on the menu. Order steak. Or you can order the Chef's Salad and pick off the 2 pounds of ham & turkey.

11. When we fill out a table, there are three main dishes: Meats, Vegetables, and Breads. We use three spices: Salt, Pepper, and Picante Sauce!! Oh, yeah....We don't care what you folks back East or out West call that stuff you eat...IT AIN'T REAL CHILI!! Chili was born and bred in Texas....and real chili never met a bean or a tomato!

12. You bring "coke" into my house, it better be brown, wet, and served over ice. You bring "Mary Jane" into my house, she better be cute, know how to shoot, drive a truck, and have long hair.

13. High School and College Football is as important here as the Raiders, 49ers, Lakers or the Knicks, and a dang site more fun to watch.

14. Yeah, we have golf courses. But don't hit the water hazards -- it spooks the fish.

15. Colleges? Try Texas Tech, Texas A&M or University of Texas. They come outta there with an education plus a love for God and country, and they still wave at passing pickups when they come for the holidays.

16. We have more folks in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, than any other state, so "Don't Mess with Texas," If you do, you will get whipped by the best.

17. Always remember what our great governor Sam Houston once said: "Texas can make it without the United States, but the United States can't make it without Texas!"