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Sunday, October 1

Albert Haynesworth Maliciously Kicks Andre Gurode In The Head

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In a malicious act of MAJOR unsportsmanlike conduct, Tennesee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth kicked Dallas Cowboy center Andre Gurode in the head in a stomping fashion after a play in which Gurode was on the ground with his helmet off. This indecent act of barbarism caused Andre to have to go to the hospital for 30 stitches in an area of his head close to the eye.

Titans coach Jeff Fisher made a beeline for Bill Parcels after the game and assured him that he was appalled at the action of his player. He assured Parcels that if the NFL league didn't do enough to punish him to the Titans' satisfaction that he would take matters into his own hands and punish him internally within their organization.

Haynesworth was ejected from the game and an investigation is underway. Haynesworth stated that he didn't know why he did it, but no matter what the league did to him, it could not replace the bad way he feels.

Well I guess this moron should feel bad. There are no excuses for this type of behavior from any man, much less a highly publicized athlete that's making millions of dollars to play a game for a living. I say he should be banned from football all together, he has definate character issues. At the very least they should drug test him immediately to see if he's a self abused case of 'roid rage or something. Commenters on various NFL post game shows suggested they feel he should be criminally charged with assault and prosecuted.

However...the Cowboys managed to kick the Titans butt anyway. How 'Bout Them Cowboys!!

UPDATE: 10/2/06

Albert Haynesworth was suspended 5 games WITHOUT pay for this incident. That equates to about $500,000 (half a million). Hopefully he learns that bad behaviour does not pay!