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Wednesday, October 25

Frightworld The Movie - World Premier - Williamsville, NY

OK Halloween freaks and ghouls…here’s your chance to do it up New York Style! I think this is for the younger crowd set of folks…I’d say from 21-35…who love Halloween and are tired of mundane neighborhood Halloween parties. This ad reminds me of the ancient hype of Rocky Horror The Picture Show of my day. But hey, I’ve been to see Rocky Horror more than once, and while not SCARY, it is a cult classic. For those wanting to get in on a premier that could be the next classic…this might be fun if you live in New York.

Frightworld Haunted Amusement is considered one of the top 13 scream parks in the USA. This special Halloween event offers a movie premier, AND live music by 13 FREAKY PUNKY BANDS…(seems the number 13 appears a lot on Halloween…adds to the mystery)… Bands participating are: Marazene, Any Question, Obomatic, Punch Drunk, Imbued Vagary (nice name…don’t have a clue of the music…I’m too old), Machine Gun Symphony / Charlie Drown, Synthetic Dream Foundation (another nice name), Darker Days Tomorrow, Apikorism, Sick Machine, Abandcalledpain (sad but cool presentation of name), Tearwave, and SANITY.

This event will be held on October 31, 2006 at Frightworld The Dark Amusement / 8075 Sheridan Drive / Williamsville, NY 14221. Doors open at 6pm, Red Carpet Walk Of Stars at 7pm, Screening of Frightworld The Movie at 7:30pm, and a Tour Of Frightworld’s 5 (FIVE) Haunted Houses at 9:30pm, and Live Music By SANITY at MIDNIGHT. Tickets are available NOW FrightWorld The Movie World Premiere for $23, and $25 the day of the show.

See sexy Kamilla “Katexenna” Kova, the star of Frightworld The Movie, and meet Dina Cataldi, Tiffany Scott, and other assorted Frightworld Scream Queens at this event. You can meet the producer and director David R. Williams and meet the Frightworld FX team.

At the link above, there is a brief and “not enough to leave alone” 30 second preview of this movie, and crime scene photos depicting what I am assuming to be “clips” of what’s to be in the film. Promoters call this “Friday The 13th Meets The Shining”… If any of my readers go, please come back and let me know if all this hype proved to be the real deal :)