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Saturday, October 14

HELP For Epileptic Children & Autistic Children

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Have you ever been around children with epilepsy disorder or an autistic child? These children are amazing. They are bright, and loving beyond belief, and will bring any adult right back to center to see them in their innocence and wonder.

I have an amazing nephew named Zach. He is a joy, he runs to me every time I see him with glee in his eyes and always something new that’s cool to him to tell me (so painfully not often enough since I live far away), but he owns a very special place in my heart. He was born prematurely and has suffered his challenges from that. He’s never been diagnosed as “autistic”, but has similar traits, but he does suffer from epilepsy. It breaks my heart that he cannot enjoy flashing Christmas lights, or enjoy a night trip in a city down a heavily lit freeway, or even enjoy a family karaoke party with lights. Obvious triggers for any epileptic also trigger him, but as with others…you just never know. His parents must always be on the guard for an attack. I know they watch his diet, as some foods affect his behavior more than others, and he has been and is on a plethora of medications. I wish for my nephew Zach to be free.

I have run across a lady that seems to have “won her son Adam back”. I don’t know this lady, nor have I read the E-book. I do want to link to her site though, as I know not only my brother, but others I know that have challenged children read this blog. Perhaps her story can help you and your child. It seems it took her many years to reach her success and Adam’s, if you read it, maybe your search for truth and a better way of life will take less time. She has written a book that chronicles her distress and eventual freedom for Adam from any drugs or treatments, focusing on epilepsy in children, diet therapy.

I realize this is an advertisement of sorts, but there is A 100% GUARANTEE for a full refund if you don’t find answers to your plight…no questions asked. Check it out; perhaps it could help you and your child.