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Sunday, October 22

John Doe - Jeffery Ingram - Identified After Amnesia Media Post

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A man found in Denver with massive head injuries who undergoes hypnosis and “truth serum” injection, still has no idea who he is. The local news media puts out his photo in hopes that someone will recognize this man with a legitimate case of amnesia. His fiancĂ©’ Penny Hansen had reported him missing several days earlier in Thurston County, Washington. He’d been on his way to Canada to see family and never arrived.

This all sounded like such an intriguing story, until I read further… In 1995, a missing person’s flier identified Jeffery Ingram missing. He had an episode of amnesia then too, on a routine trip to the grocery store, but was found nine months later at a hospital in Seattle, WA. Hmmnn… people can suffer multiple times from this??? Weird stuff…