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Friday, October 27

KeepYouSafe - Online Safety Deposit Box

Now here’s a new idea that is probably a great idea. No doubt many people who survived Katrina, recent raging wildfires, or other similar disasters could have used this service. KeepYouSafe.com is an Online Safe Deposit Box . This company will store scanned copies of your important documents, i.e. insurance policies, passport, birth certificates, credit cards, wallet items, etc. In the event of a bad storm or flood, you can log online from anywhere and access information that may have been lost. The data is even mirrored at a server in multiple countries just in case. A small box is available free for one year, and larger boxes may be had for about $3 per month. This could be invaluable if you are ever in a situation where you have lost or stolen items, or find yourself needing to rebuild your life suddenly due to a disaster.