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Sunday, October 8

OurHealthNetwork.com - Speak To A Doctor For Free

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I battle each year with health insurance costs for employees of our companies. Since we are “small Mom & Pop” types, with a small group, insurance costs are outrageous, and frankly, some of my employees just cannot afford it and decline coverage. I hate to see anyone without access to good health care.

I’ve found this website, http://www.OurHealthNetwork.com. It’s an easy to navigate site, and there are board-certified physicians available there to answer your personal health questions ABSOLUTELY FREE! This site seems to be targeted toward pain and joint issues. There are two physicians that are Podiatrists / Foot & Ankle Surgeon – Specialist, an Orthopedic Surgeon / Sports Medicine Specialist, a Rheumatologist / Arthritis Specialist, and a Diabetic Foot Care Specialist on hand to answer questions regarding your personal needs.

This site includes great links to affordable remedies and products for your pain and joint needs. I found its format a bit easier to get around in than that of WebMD. Our Health Network was founded in 1999 and has answered tens of thousands of questions from every state in the Union, and over 30 countries world-wide every year since then providing help to many, many people in need. If you are in pain and need some answers, I hope that I have helped you find a new source for information.