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Sunday, October 15

PayPerPost.com - Get Paid For Doing What You Already Do - Posting Information About What You Support!

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Are you ever a bit uninspired and can’t always find, or think of cool things to post about? Don’t you appreciate neat things you run across on other people’s blogs you read? Don’t you like hearing about new things from people you read regularly and respect their opinions? I do, and how much fun would it be if you could make a couple of bucks in the process. Well, you can. PayPerPost.com is a cool program, and I have signed up. I hope you do too.

There has been some controversy around the blog world regarding how “honest and from the heart” a posting could be if someone is getting paid for it. I can see that train of thought, but for me anyway, I disagree. I never speak of ANYTHING on my blog that I don’t like, promote, think is nifty and cool, or that I feel I know absolutely NOTHING about. Free or paid, I personally would never take money for, or support something un-cool, or something I had no knowledge of. Offers at this site range from $2.50 - $10.00 per post. There are usually around 150 opportunities to post about something, and the people that are paying for it TRULY want honest bloggers’ opinions and reviews of their sites or products. That’s the whole idea, get bloggers that have a real opinion, or relative story to tell about their items and create TRUE advertising and HONEST word of mouth responses. I think that’s a relief, an honest response to something and hearing from people that have used or like the item or idea.

Check out this link (make money), and if you do sign up, please include my E-Mail address (
Malinda777@charter.net) as your referral. You can get paid yourself through PayPal, or there is an option to donate all your posting money to your favorite charity. That’s also a great option if you like to donate to worthy causes, and cannot afford to on your own. Give it an honest look, and please comment here on how you feel about this. I would hate to lose readers because some thought I’d become an advertising medium, ‘cause that’s NOT what Blah Blah Blog – The Soap Box is all about. I honestly see it as a way to raise a few bucks in change to send my son on his next Student Ambassador trip this summer after graduation.