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Sunday, October 22

Voice Quilt - The Gift That Gives Forever!

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Now HERE’S a unique idea for a gift that will give FOREVER. You have a wedding in your family for example… Imagine giving the couple a “treasure box” that is a music box that plays actual voice messages from as many people as want to record them, usually 1-20. Imagine the joy that couple has every time they open that box and get to hear a different family member or friend speak to them of their memories of their special day. This is great for weddings, graduations, etc.

Imagine you have that classic “funny or special” photo of a group of friends. Like the crazy photo at the company Christmas party when Eric is singing Karoke. His voice quilt would be the photo frame box with all of us calling in to create a “playlist” of all us giving him hell and laughing, or commending him as he is very good and we are all just jealous. Imagine a beautiful wooden photo frame box that would speak the actual voices of everyone in your friends photo sharing their memory of the day. This is a VoiceQuilt.

This is definitely a gift that few people will ever receive, and you will be the “coolest giver” by being the one to provide it. This gift can also be given in a simple electronic manner such as e-mail, or podcast. This is a great way to contact many people at once with your own actual voice, or the voice of many.