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Monday, November 13

Nancy Pelosi Backs Murtha - EARMARKS YOUR MONEY

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Well, Ms. Pelosi is on the move much faster than I think any of us thought she would be. There appears to be no “honeymoon”, I think she feels she must strike while the iron is hot. Because, we all know from being children, or raising them…once you touch something hot more than a couple of times…YOU QUIT TOUCHING IT! It seems the far left wing is on the move in a quick fashion to roll back tax cuts (that I personally saw benefit those around me, and allow me to do a bit more)…yes…a $600 check from the government made a difference, when you times it by ALL OF US.

She also wants to move ahead quickly on raising the minimum wage to $7.25 or so. Now, I’m not a business owner bigot. It seems so normal doesn’t it, to raise the minimum wage, because, “How can any poor American struggling to make ends meet possibly live on the current minimum wage?” They can’t. They can’t live much better at $7.25 per hour. HOWEVER…THE SECRET THEY AREN’T TELLING YOU, is what is the hidden language, or “FINE PRINT” you are not seeing in proposed bills like these.

In my businesses, our workers need to have some skilled trade knowledge, and my bookkeeping staff and managers are certainly a valuable asset. Our wages don’t even begin to start at less than $10-$12 per hour (we currently have no one making less than $13 per hour of 25 employees). In Nevada’s minimum wage proposal that was placed on our ballots, there was a lot of hidden language. It proposed that NEVADA would agree that whatever the minimum wage for the nation, Nevada's would be $1.00 higher FOREVER. There were some other hidden “earmarks”.

If you don’t know what an EARMARK is…it’s bullshit language, and bullshit appropriation for money, raised taxes, etc. that’s not for the open public to see unless you take the time to READ THE ENTIRE BILL OF MANY DOZEN PAGES AND SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT IT WILL ACTUALLY DO WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

Nancy Pelosi is also backing Jack (John-Jack) Murtha for majority leader. It’s no secret that he’s been under the microscope on several occasions, and is less than honorable by his record. BOTH MURTHA AND PELOSI FAILED MISERABLY on their own voting records for “EARMARKS” HIDDEN WITHIN over 19 bills passed within Congress. Jeff Flake set a precedent for forcing accountability on 19 amendments that he called “Anti-Pork Amendments”. A lot of these bills were defense bills, and other important legislation that had hidden language, or EARMARKS within them.

I’m proud to say, that MY CONGRESSMAN Jim Gibbons of Nevada, that has just recently been elected as governor voted AGAINST ALL 19 BILLS. Nancy Pelosi and Jack Murtha BOTH HAVE A “BIG ZERO” ON ALL 19! Here are some examples of items they VOTED FOR…

· $100,000 National Grape & Wine Initiative…for a wine business that places $50 BILLION dollars a year into the economy. 50B companies don’t need $100,000 of taxpayers’ dollars.
· $1,000,000 Juniata Locomotive Demonstration. This MILLION went to a locomotive shop owned by Norfolk Southern. There was no description within the bill to state exactly what they would do with this money…your money.
· $500,000 City Swimming Pool in California. Shouldn’t this kind of money be raised by the local economy…not voted on in congress?
· $1,000,000 Mystic Aquarium in New London, CT. Again… is it the responsibility of ALL OF US TAXPAYERS to build an aquarium in a state we don’t live in?...placed within a defense bill?
· $2,500,000 Northwest Manufacturing Initiative…again vague, and why an amount of more than TWO MILLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS should be appropriated to only the Northwest, and only Manufacturing within a defense bill.

People, do your homework. Make VERY SURE what you are voting on, and who you vote for. Pelosi and Murtha voted for ALL 19 proposals, and all 19 passed. Check HERE for your congressman’s record of voting. BE VERY AWARE OF PELOSI and her left wing antics. Before you know it, you’ll be saying the pledge of allegiance to Michael Moore, or Harry Reid, who isn’t far behind him.