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Wednesday, November 15

Pelosi's District - San Francisco - Bans ROTC

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Nancy Pelosi may not be directly responsible for this atrocity, but it comes from her district, which proves the mentality of these people, and these people elected her. The San Francisco school board decided today that JROTC; (Junior Officer Reserve Training Corps) will be ABOLISHED from ALL SAN FRANCISCO HIGH SCHOOLS. And if that isn’t BAD ENOUGH, one of their major reasons for the decision is the “don’t ask don’t tell” mentality “they say” represents our actual military. That translates in layman’s terms…we must protect the rights of gay high school children.

EXCUSE ME, but the last time I checked, the reason we have minors and laws to protect minors is the simple fact that every seasoned adult knows that minors aren’t yet old enough to know what’s even good for themselves. We are worried about high school children’s “gay rights”? In the exploratory years of puberty, you aren’t even qualified to know for sure which side of the sexual fence you sit on. And, believe me, kids in ROTC gay or straight know that ROTC is WAY DIFFERENT THAN HEALTH CLASS. Besides that useless point, to let our high school students (AND THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE OPPOSED TO THIS), dictate our government and school board policies, is stupid.


This decision is a DIRECT SLAP IN THE FACE TO OUR ARMED FORCES. ROTC has long been, and still is one of the most prestigious and diligent activities our children can be associated with. Although many kids think “only the geeks or nerds” are a part of this program…NOT TRUE. The regimen and discipline that is required of these kids equals or exceeds that of a varsity football program. Anyone that regularly reads this blog knows, I AM THE RABID FOOTBALL MOM, and I know what dedication those kids put forth. The ROTC kids have more due diligence than the kids on the football team, just without the glory. Their workout program and guidelines of discipline and dedication go year round, not just nine or ten games.

My oldest son was a proud member of the McQueen High School ROTC program, and there he learned many skills and qualities that can only be taught in that caliber of program. Oh, the honor to watch them march in a parade, or shoot in sequence, to stand for time on end at attention while several faint due to precision and rigidness, and to watch NO PERSON falter in their stance while another fell, are the QUALITIES AND DISCIPLINE THAT OUR ARMED FORCES USE TO KEEP THIS COUNTRY FREE.

This country, so full now of people that run along in life oblivious to what’s really going on around them, and oblivious to the rules and morals they’ve sold out for any bit of profit or fame shame my parents, and my grandparents, and any elder that ever influenced me to be, and believe in who I am today. In a city like San Francisco where NO HOME hardly has a real back yard, and it’s so crowded and infiltrated by crime and a mentality of “life in the fast lane”, incredible liberalism, or high powered money gained by the inability of folks that live there to fight back…this decision is an American atrocity!

I KNOW THAT A CONGRESSMAN DOESN’T ATTEND A SCHOOL BOARD MEETING, but if Nancy Pelosi had one hair on her liberal fluffy ass, she would step forth as a mother, or a supposed WOMAN leading this country, or even a political figure that wanted the monetary support from other “earmarked” committees, she would NIP THIS IN THE BUD and reverse this decision. Martha Washington, Martha Jefferson, Mary Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, or any other first lady would not let this happen.

But hey… read the next post…we are now in the “fad” stage of reality. Sorry folks, our reality is currently headed in a very dangerous direction fueled by greed and political correctness which is merely a lack of backbone. But, as everyone knows, the bony portions of the meat are the cheapest…just taste the best if cooked correctly. USA…PLEASE GET BACK TO THE BASICS BEFORE WE ALL BURN IN THE HELL OF STUPIDITY. The few of us cannot continue to carry the rest of you, life is getting heavy.