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Wednesday, November 15

O.J. Simpson - What If I Did?

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O.J. HAS OFFICIALLY SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL! That is one side of this coin, and my thoughts of the nefariousness of this situation overcome me. Each coin has two sides, and some memories and sadness of those memories changed sit on the other. OJ has long been a “hero turned freak” for anyone my age. I remember the Heisman trophy declaration, and I remember watching OJ play football, and I remember the days when we all loved him as he ran through the airport on the Hertz rental car commercial when he was a star for the Buffalo Bills. We all loved the “juice” at one time. Those were times prior to media coverage 24-7, and media “SPIN”, which unbeknown to us all, has changed the very way we think and live. We were raised on fire and brimstone, but the media has changed us into a culture that believes in fire and rhinestone.

Then, one day…we all watched in disbelief as the white Bronco was being tracked on TV by every media news channel in America as he became the one that “killed” his wife and her supposed lover and boyfriend. If reality TV isn’t BAD ENOUGH, now it seems the fad is “what-if” TV. How morally irreprehensible is it that it’s OK to make 3.5 million dollars to write a book and do a two part series on TV that explains, “If I had have done it, this is How I WOULD Have Done It?” And yet, there’s a morbid curiosity that has been instilled in all of us ever since Geraldo Rivera hyped the Al Capone safe on national TV. What we all need to remember is…THERE WAS NOTHING IN AL CAPONE’S SAFE.

There is NOTHING that we NEED TO HEAR OR SEE in this upcoming OJ broadcast. We need to all set aside our badly media provoked curiosity for spin and corruption, and remember what our parents and grandparents and our faith has taught us. TURN AWAY FROM THE DEVIL. Instead, the Devil has become the money maker and the “forbidden road” that law abiding citizens DON’T TAKE, but “just watching it”, or “just reading about it” allows us to “experience a taste of it”.

This show is beyond horrible. This show is over the line. OJ is selling out to even allow himself to think about doing it for the simple sake that he’s a father. His children are now old enough to KNOW BETTER. He will burn in hell for the mere thought. As morbidly curious as I may be, I have to take a stand and say that as a parent, and wife, and American…I hope this show never airs. It’s wrong for the people involved, and it’s a bad track for America. Whatever faith you might follow, all religions teach us to resist temptation and resist evil, and this is pure evil for profit. PEOPLE, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Some paths need NEVER BE TREAD.