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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, December 5


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Sorry for no posts. I must have the Blogger.com flu. Ever since "Blogger Beta" came out, I cannot log on from my office. Well, that's where I have more time for quality data than I have time for at home after I finally get home and get business over with, not to mention trying to have a family and a life...HELLOOO that's what it really all about.

I have some freaky glitch on my office PC (HP), and my home laptop is a Toshiba, and home PC is a Dell... I cannot log in at work during business hours. Everytime I put in my username and password, I get nothing. It all just clicks to blankness. I have deleted cookies, and re-enabled them. I have ordered Norton to allow Blogger as a safe site. I have done everything I think any paid IT guy would have done. I cannot figure it out.

Just try...just try to e-mail Blogger Customer Service for help, that's like trying to lick your own balls. Everytime, you just get a "form" e-mail to try all the lame stuff you've already tried.

I go to Blogger group sites and find that I'm not alone. LOTS OF PEOPLE have this same dilemma. Any suggestions? How the heck can you log in on two computers, but not on one other one, and all of your computers are set up the same damn way. I don't get it.

BUT...WHEN I DO GET IT...many more posts will come. I have a lot to say, and no way to say it some days.

Love ya all, wish I could comment on your great blogs, but the evil Blogger Genie has me on the "fuck you" list right now... :)