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Monday, January 15

America's Victory '08

My readers may have noticed that some of my lengthy political posts have fallen by the wayside as of late. There is a reason for that, but it doesn't mean that I have completely quit writing what I believe to be some quality posts. I was recently invited to be a contributing author on a great new site called America's Victory '08. This site is unique in that while it is a highly CONSERVATIVE website, it ISN'T NECESSARILY ABOUT Republican or Democrat. It is a website that offers a new perspective on the desperate need for our country to come back to its original conservative values. It promotes the need for us all to read important views and factual documentation regarding what our nation needs to do in order for conservative values and candidates to win back our government in 2008.

If my readers should like to read the articles that I have published there and comment on my beliefs of the conservative perspective, I highly encourage you to check out these links. Please comment there if you find something you like, it would be nice to see that some of you have found the site and I know you've read. There are some really good writers there, and I'm honored to be considered worthy to be published among them :)

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