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Wednesday, January 31

Blue Balls & Red Nutz - The Perfect Gift ?

I absolutely COULD NOT pass up this opportunity to post this sponsored tidbit. As my regular readers know, we own and operate a Big-Rig Truck garage, and a Pickup garage. YES… people DO ASK FOR THESE…THEY DO INQUIRE ON WHERE THEY CAN BE PURCHASED! I’ve seen them on trucks before, but we don’t sell them in our shops, and I never knew where they could be attained.

Well truckers, bikers, and sand lovers…I’ve found your place. YourNutz.com is proudly encouraging folks to give blue balls or red nutz for Valentine’s Day. They have products with the Valentine theme among many other choices. I’m still cracking up at the irony that I stumbled across this site. These are available for trucks, cars, motorcycles, quads, and any other vehicle you might imagine. I suppose you could even put them on your bicycle if you wanted. Your Nutz will most definitely become a topic of conversation, and probably the result of a few honks as you breeze down the freeway “free-ballin” in the wind. Your nutz can light up, and are available in any color you wish.

Go on over and give this site a look-see. Gift shipping is available. Give the perfect prank gift to your favorite jokemeister.