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Thursday, February 15

Bank of America - Guilty of Treason

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BANK OF AMERICA - GUILTY OF TREASON...(as posted at America's Victory '08)


Bank of America has committed treason in my opinion.

According to Merriam-Webster:

TREASON: 1. The betrayal of a trust – treachery – a traitor
2. The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family.

TRAITOR: One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty

TREACHERY: Violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence – treason
Bank of America has decided to take their relatively new “Judgmental Lending” policy nationwide, because it was so “successful” in Los Angeles, California where it was initiated last year. “Judgmental Lending” means that you do NOT have to produce any proof of legal residency, you do NOT have to provide a social security number, nor do you have to do much of ANYTHING legal in order to receive a BOFA (Bank of America) credit card. And if it’s NOT ENOUGH that BOFA is providing terrorists and illegal aliens with credit cards, they are screwing their eyes out in the process. There is an annual fee in most instances, the interest rate is 21%, and the only requirement to gain such access to global commercialism and deceit is that you have maintained a banking account with BOFA for at least three months without any overdrafts. This new program was launched in Los Angeles County, home of the most illegal immigrants in the nation.

Why, you might ask, do I consider in my opinion for this to be a treasonous act on the part of BOFA? Well, from a true conservative standpoint, I will explain in simple layman’s terms why Bank of America is not only promoting illegal behavior to continue on a mass scale, but they are also placing the national security of a sovereign nation at great risk. A risk, seemingly so minor, yet so great in the possibility of catastrophic damage, that it is conceivable that in the hands of the wrong people, this judgmental lending practice could cause overt acts that could lead to the overthrow of a government or of the state to which BOFA owes allegiance. It could injure the sovereign, or the sovereign’s family. After spending 20 years in the casino industry both from the position of a dealer, but also in positions of management; I came to follow “money laws” and financial practices very closely from the standpoint of security and fiduciary threat.

1. No need for a social security number for a credit card…only a bank account. Well, if BOFA is not requiring a social security number for the credit card, they must not be requiring one to open the bank account that must be in place for three months prior to applying for credit…

2. If no proof of legal residency, or any social security number is required to have a bank account in this joint, then what is to stop drug lords, terrorists, foreign mafia types, or anybody else from depositing ill-gained funds into this bank, or withdrawing them for illegal purposes. Sure, a person that does live here legally can still do the same, but many criminals are caught based upon their bank transaction records, and without any real identifiable information available within their banking transactions or accounts; the deceiver becomes much more “invisible”, and harder to track down…making their crimes easier to commit, and easier to launch in larger scale.

3. The wonderful World Wide Web…the internet. Aahhh, with the flick of a button, or a click of a mouse, in moments individuals may purchase just about anything online, from just about any place on the globe that has an electrical outlet and a telephone line. We all know that terrorists create explosives and weapons of mass destruction from everyday household ingredients all the time. With no real traceable evidence of proven identity linking them to their credit cards, any immoral tyrant could easily purchase a small quantity of this, and that, online from all over the place, and no one would trace the intentions of terror.

4. Credit cards have become a very liquid form of commerce. I rarely EVER carry cash around anymore. With the VISA logo on my debit card, with a photo on my credit card, with an ATM machine on every corner, and my handy PIN number…I don’t need cash…ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Neither will terrorists and illegal immigrants. With no social security number necessary to acquire a credit card, one could hop over the border, open a BOFA bank account, have no overdrafts within three months, come back and get a credit card, and then travel the world withdrawing US funds off their account to do whatever they wish with. Deposits are easily made by mail, or wire transfer.

5. If no social security card is required to gain access to a full fledged bank account, who’s to say that the person that presents a card for use is actually the person named on the card? Photo ID’s are easily faked, and also available online IF you have a valid credit card.

6. This slippery system of new commerce will make money laundering much easier to pull off. Usually, the average layperson considers money laundering to mean huge amounts of money and large denominations of cash, not always the case. When you have millions of illegals in this country, each exercising in shady deals daily for a few bucks here and a few bucks there, one can easily see how the commercial damage can run into the BILLIONS within a very short period of time.

7. It is no secret that most illegal aliens work “under the table”. This means that NO TAXES are paid on their earnings. Millions and millions of dollars will now be flowing through the Bank of America vaults that will be untraceable, and never taxed. Who will make up for the billions of free money these people will earn and now run through banks? You and I will. Our taxes will go up, and these criminal people will enjoy the lifestyles that you and I do without ever having to pay a dime in taxes.

8. Yes, banks DO report deposits to IRS, so one must be careful about depositing more money into a bank account than they claim on their income tax form. Oh…but wait…that’s those of us that DO have a social security number attached to our bank accounts and credit cards. These people DON’T…so they WON’T BE FILING ANY TAX RETURN…DUH!!! They live here with free medical benefits through county hospitals, and have checking accounts and credit cards on tax free money. How nice of us.
You can see where this is going. I could come up with a mile long list of reasons this is a very dangerous practice. I could come up with another mile long list of the dangerous “trickle down” effect this will have on so many facets of our world of commerce. I am so outraged that greed and political correctness has led the leaders of global corporations like Bank of America to disregard the responsibility they have to their honest and tax paying customers. The CFO, or CEO, or whatever the head honcho of BOFA calls himself has a duty to protect the commerce of this nation and its trusting clients from illegal persons, bad trade practices, and possible terrorism. I find this new policy atrocious in nature, and a sure bombshell for economic success to any entity other than themselves.As of today, I went through all of my business and personal credit cards and accounts, and I am sending a letter of cancellation to Bank of America. I will no longer do business with this treacherous company with no moral backbone, and a hyper-affinity for greed. I feel like they have total disregard for my financial condition. I remember over a decade ago when I was a struggling single mother, new in town, and barely enough money to get by on. Bank of America declined to open an account for me because I had no real credit history, and not enough money to be considered “acceptable” in their eyes. Now today, they value an illegal alien and a terrorist more than an American woman just trying to succeed and raise a family. You may say that a boycott of BOFA and their products won’t make a difference. Well, I am one woman. I am a small business owner in the high desert of Nevada. However, between our few accounts, we easily spent about $5,000 per month through BOFA. Maybe they won’t miss my $60,000 per year, since they will have billions in illegal tax free money, but I think if each of us collectively start demanding of our companies that we trade with that they work BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE (the legal ones)…then one day a difference will be made, one citizen at a time. Remember, there was the first illegal alien, and the first terrorists. They now reign on mass scale one criminal at a time, and we let them.
I find it on the side of sad irony that the bank that is to be the front runner for the demise of American economy and commerce is actually named Bank of America. They should change their name to the Bank of Aiding and Abetting. I certainly hope that you as citizens will voice your outrage. Demand that the Federal Reserve Board STOP allowing illegals and criminals to use our system to their advantage. If we don’t, we will allow the evil to take over, and then we will be held hostage by our unwillingness to force righteous change, and held hostage by a new and evil society to where we have no freedoms and no choices. The silent moral majority will be taken over by a smaller, louder immoral minority, and the USA will cease to be the greatest free nation on earth.