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Friday, February 16

Britney Spears Rehab Whirlwind

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Some people just DON’T LEARN. Britney Spears is spiraling downward at lightening speed, headed directly for rock bottom with no get out of jail free card. People close to the slushed out diva have begged her for some time to get help before she crashes and burns, but Miss Spears can’t seem to agree.

After being caught on TV recently with her privates exposed, collapsing on New Year’s Eve, being seen looped out of her gourd all over the place, Britney checked into rehab earlier this week, but stayed less than 24 hours. Spears checked into Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre in Antiqua, but could only handle one day of sobriety before heading off to Florida.
You’d think after watching Anna Nicole’s dead ass splashed all over the television screen lately, she’d think twice. Oh well, another huge potential soon to be reduced to slutty rubbish. What a shame.

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