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Monday, February 19

Climbers Rescued From Mt. Hood - Why?


Yes, yes…I am truly thankful that rescuers were able to bring three hikers, two women and one man to safety. However…come on folks…how many more dumb minded, disrespectful, and selfish nature nuts are going to risk the lives of so many innocent people that know better? My Daddy always told me, “Just because you can, is NO EXCUSE to do!”

Mt. Hood in Oregon is a beautiful mountain. It’s rugged, and an enticing adventure for any rock climbing enthusiast. It is a huge feather in the cap if you can claim that you conqured the summit of the elusive Mt. Hood. However, “claim and conquer”, one would think, would be better served in summer months when the freaking wind isn’t blowing 70mph, and there are not white out blizzard conditions in play. Not to mention how much more beautiful the view would be from the summit if you could actually see your hands in front of your face!

Thirty Five people have died on Mt. Hood while trying to maneuver around snow drifts and looming danger. In my opinion, all 35 complicated their situations by having their heads buried up their asses under all the required gear. I swear, I think the rescuers should post big signs that say, “If You’re STUPID Enough To Go Up There NOW – We’re Leaving Your Dumb Ass THERE If Things Go Bad For You”… signed, EXPERTS that HAVE conquered, AND STILL have their COMMON SENSE and LIFE to show for the expertise.