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Sunday, February 18

Taser Stun Gun Can Save You - GPS Locator Can Find You

Most people think of home security or self defense to mean alarm systems, surveillance camera systems, mace or pepper spray, etc. Home security really means true protection to the best of one’s ability to save their families whether at home or away.

Did you know that a Taser Stun Gun can be used for so much more than to fend off a robber? In the greater Southwest where hiking, rock climbing or rock finding, arrow head searching, or hunting in general is highly popular, poisonous snakes are always a threat. The old ways of cutting a snake bite in the shape of an “X”, and having someone suck the poison out is outdated. A taser stun gun can save your life. A shock to the bitten area immediately after a bite will electrically dissipate the poison and give you time to seek treatment.


Another form of home security that is necessary in today’s times is the ability to find your children in an instant. GPS locators are becoming ever more popular to help parents find their little ones instantly, or keep up with those daring teenagers that never seem to be where they say they are going to be.

BrickhouseSecurity.com offers any kind of traditional security product you might think of, as well as providing many obscure forms of security devices you might have never thought of. They have computer surveillance gadgets to help you keep up with employee’s computer activity. Also available, many audio or video surveillance options. Keep safe; buy the products that will give you peace of mind. Check out the site and let me know which safety product you’d never thought about that could give you added peace of mind.