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Monday, March 19

Anti Hillary Clinton Ads - View Here - Disturbing

Today, the news is reporting of an Anti-Hillary ad that has appeared on You Tube. This video (1:14 long) is embedded above. THIS STORY states that the Hillary Clinton campaign has nothing to do with it, and though the video ends with BorackObama.com listed at the end, the Obama campaign claims to have nothing to do with it either.

Now while I couldn’t give two cents for Hilary Clinton and think her becoming president would be a disastrous thing, these kinds of ads are going to be damaging for all candidates. In doing research for this post…I found another very similar ad (posted below and 5:15 long) that is much more disturbing and talks of rape of a woman by ex President Bill Clinton, and a lot more dissertation of how Hilary should have known, and there is a lot of coverage of Bill Clinton ranting about killing Osama Bin Laden. Now this video has the disclaimer of deletehillary.com at the bottom… I went to this website…there is a lot of disturbing content there, a likely possibility of origination of the video in my opinion. If not the origin, they have copied the original and put their own slam to it.

Or...the most likely scenario since video creation and production can be done in an instant... only the people who posted it know for sure. Goes to show...we can't believe a lot of what we see anymore...and hmmnnnn...isn't it funny that the news media only found the 1:14 second piece to talk about...and the 5:15 piece is really noteworthy...in a dark way.

Warning…I am someone who despises Hillary Clinton… but even I think some of the content in the latter video and website link is over the top. Enter at your own risk…My posting these links does not mean that I am personally condoning the extent of the behavior myself. I am a big proponent of STOPPING trash ads as a way to win an election. I want to see ads of each candidates views, I do NOT want to see them trashing each other.