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Monday, March 26

Icon Plant - The GOOD Con Artists

Attention Web-Masters / Software Designers

Icon Plant has amazing icons for sale to integrate into your software applications and designs. ‘These ‘aint your average icons’… These are high quality XP icons, and Icon Plant goes a great distance to adhere to stringent Microsoft XP guidelines. These bright and colorful icons are also Vista Icons, for those of you taking the plunge into the new Vista.

Icon Plant creates the cutest little icons, and they are sold in large bundles at very reasonable prices compared to other sites. Bundles are available in many categories like Hotel/Travel, Entertainment, Medical, Real Estate, Banking, Food & Beverage, etc. They also offer website templates and web hosting.

However, don’t take my word for it, visit http://iconplant.com/free-icons/download-for-free.htm to download your own set of FREE ICONS to try in your applications. With a minimum purchase of 10, icons may be sold individually for $3. Bundles start at around $65.

Icon Plant prides themselves on their brilliant artwork and great customer support. Custom icon creation is also available upon request. Icon Plant may also be contacted for creation of vector icons at an additional cost. These “Con-Artists” are the GOOD GUYS! Spice up your creative work with the best in icon presentation.

This post sponsored by Icon Plant.