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Tuesday, March 27

Mustang Ranch Brothel - Burned Down

Whores S’Mores? No…the whores have been long gone. The famous Mustang Ranch closed several years ago with a sign hanging that said, “Mustang Ranch Closed…Just Beat It”…I kid you not.

Mustang Ranch In Hayday

The world famous brothel, Mustang Ranch, ran by the infamous Joe Conforte was burned to the ground Sunday. After the new owner found out it would cost far too much money to move all the buildings to make a museum, he turned the property over to the local firefighters for training exercises.

Joe Conforte Proprieter

Conforte's Suite 1986

Many years ago, I used to deal cards to the intriguing Mr. Conforte. The Sicilian man always dressed the part of the brothel owner mixed with a touch of mafia and old school gentleman as he would swagger in with his girls and the famous hat and cigar. He was quite the tipper when he didn’t have his girls around, and one on one…actually a man of interesting conversation. He always treated me like a lady, and as “bad” as he was considered by the community, I always had fond memories of my brief encounters with him, not to mention that he made more than one of my rent or car payments while playing cards and being generous with his tips. When I was a single mother, his visits were certainly welcome.


Mr. Conforte among many things was indicted for tax evasion years ago. He fled the country and has been living in Brazil. He petitioned the authorities at the age of 78 to come back to Reno, even offering to pay a handsome fee of $500,000 for the opportunity (although still claiming his innocence)… He was vehemently denied that opportunity.

Goodbye to a place that will go down in history…no pun intended. So long Mustang, so long Joe.