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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Friday, March 2

New Blog Layout - PLEASE COMMENT

Just as with a woman's "bad hair days"... I've been suffering lately with "bad blog day". I was just tired of my blog design, and the "new Blogger" that is supposed to be so much better.

Well...I downloaded a new "cool" design (that looks NOTHING like the ONE I thought I was getting, but still pretty OK)... and I have spent the better part of this day tweaking it.

I think it's a little slower to load which DOESN'T make me happy, but perhaps it looks better. I would really appreciate some helpful comments about your experience loading the page now...
I still have the ability to "switch back" to the old layout.

I'm so tired now from doing so much HTML WTF that I barely comprehend, that I just have nothing else to say today :) Thanks for coming...and PLEASE let me know honestly what you think so I can fix whatever is broken...