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Tuesday, April 3

Keith Richards SNORTS FATHER

It’s always been a “joke” amongst all persons growing up loving the Rolling Stones that when this world comes to an end…the only things left will be cockroaches (they are indestructible, and re-mutate parts of their bodies after accidents)…and Keith Richards.

My teenage sons refer to Keith Richards as a person that is “Perma-Fried”, due to the massive amounts of all drugs he’s consumed. The theory that he will live beyond the demise of civilization is also due to the fact that he has had SO MANY drugs ingested into his system, he has become pre-embalmed.

Well, I’ve always laughed, but agreed with the theory…and he has recently proven that fact by admitting at age 63 that he “just couldn’t resist” and ground up cocaine with his father’s DEAD ASHES and SNORTED HIM UP…

As open minded as I can be, and as non-judgmental as I try to be…this is just SO WRONG on SO MANY LEVELS… Mr. Richards however states that his father “just wouldn’t mind”. I find this both MORBID yet intriguing from a CSI level. I must now put Keith Richards in the hall of fame of truly FUCKED UP INDIVIDUALS.

To be 63, and speak of snorting your own father up your nose is just beyond any comprehensible fathom of any reality. But…there ya’ go…the demise of our nation is the extreme extent of what some will do and say in public to prove the fact that “Only In America” can you “Hang Ten”… DAMN KEITH!...YOU SNORTED YOUR DAD?...A $.50 cent bullet is too good for you my friend…